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string(22) "Wednesday,+November+30"

Wednesday, November 30

string(19) "Discover+the+world+"

Discover the world

string(364) "You+feel+the+urge+to+satisfy+a+curiosity+for+discovery,+you+make+up+your+mind+and+give+in+to+your+inner+desires+and+take+an+unplanned+break+when+you+make+plans+to+travel.+Don't+be+shy+about+approaching+people+or+letting+the+wonder+of+nature+astound+you.+The+wealth+of+experience+you+gain+plus+any+friendships+create+unforgettable+memories+that+are+likely+to+last.+"

You feel the urge to satisfy a curiosity for discovery, you make up your mind and give in to your inner desires and take an unplanned break when you make plans to travel. Don't be shy about approaching people or letting the wonder of nature astound you. The wealth of experience you gain plus any friendships create unforgettable memories that are likely to last.

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