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string(19) "Thursday,+August+11"

Thursday, August 11

string(12) "Great+ideas+"

Great ideas

string(348) "Being+creative+and+communicative+makes+it+easy+to+get+your+ideas+across.+A+more+daring+attitude+brings+important+new+ideas+into+play,+that+you+turn+into+real+plans+and+when+they’re+more+defined,+involve+others.+If+single+you+can+still+have+fun+trying+out+new+things,+especially+where+your+body+is+concerned,+try+some+healthy+eating+and+exercise.+"

Being creative and communicative makes it easy to get your ideas across. A more daring attitude brings important new ideas into play, that you turn into real plans and when they?re more defined, involve others. If single you can still have fun trying out new things, especially where your body is concerned, try some healthy eating and exercise.

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