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string(18) "Friday,+December+8"

Friday, December 8

string(22) "Uncontrolled+impulses+"

Uncontrolled impulses

string(361) "More+than+capable,+you+feel+an+urgent+need+to+set+some+worthwhile+activity+in+motion.+You+demand+a+lot,+are+insensitive+towards+other+people’s+needs+-+strike+a+balance;+be+more+considerate+with+your+comments,+pay+attention+to+how+people+react+to+you,+if+you+resolutely+follow+these+guidelines,+you+persuade+people+to+willingly+participate+in+your+activities.+"

More than capable, you feel an urgent need to set some worthwhile activity in motion. You demand a lot, are insensitive towards other people?s needs - strike a balance; be more considerate with your comments, pay attention to how people react to you, if you resolutely follow these guidelines, you persuade people to willingly participate in your activities.

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