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string(22) "Thursday,+September+29"

Thursday, September 29

string(17) "Animal+instincts+"

Animal instincts

string(310) "You+feel+aware+of+your+animal+instincts,+and+your+urges+are+strong.+You+need+to+be+careful+of+acting+on+the+spur+of+the+moment+or+in+any+rash+way,+especially+in+matters+to+do+with+your+love-life.+The+fascination+and+desire+of+the+moment+may+lose+its+initial+appeal+when+you+take+the+necessary+time+to+reflect.+"

You feel aware of your animal instincts, and your urges are strong. You need to be careful of acting on the spur of the moment or in any rash way, especially in matters to do with your love-life. The fascination and desire of the moment may lose its initial appeal when you take the necessary time to reflect.

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