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string(20) "Saturday,+January+19"

Saturday, January 19

string(11) "Curb+Anger+"

Curb Anger

string(322) "You+may+feel+that+others+are+acting+unusually,+you+must+quietly+accept+their+conduct,+and+not+get+upset+if+things+temporarily+don’t+go+your+way.+Maybe+you’re+more+irritable+and+easily+upset+by+things+that+have+not+mattered+for+a+long-time+or+possibly+the+answer+is+just+a+simple+case+of+getting+some+much-needed+rest.+"

You may feel that others are acting unusually, you must quietly accept their conduct, and not get upset if things temporarily don’t go your way. Maybe you’re more irritable and easily upset by things that have not mattered for a long-time or possibly the answer is just a simple case of getting some much-needed rest.

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