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string(19) "Monday,+November+29"

Monday, November 29

string(24) "Increased+concentration+"

Increased concentration

string(352) "You+concentrate+on+several+things+at+once,+planning+your+working+day+and+making+progress+in+the+way+you+direct+your+energy+towards+a+single+goal.+This+gives+you+the+stamina+and+perseverance+you+need+to+get+things+underway.+Try+to+win+other+people+over+-+by+doing+so+you+reach+your+goal+even+more+quickly.+Those+around+you+are+impressed+by+your+effort.+"

You concentrate on several things at once, planning your working day and making progress in the way you direct your energy towards a single goal. This gives you the stamina and perseverance you need to get things underway. Try to win other people over - by doing so you reach your goal even more quickly. Those around you are impressed by your effort.

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