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string(20) "Thursday,+December+7"

Thursday, December 7

string(17) "Selfish+Tendency+"

Selfish Tendency

string(334) "You+frequently+clash+with+others,+and+some+feel+you+are+behaving+selfishly+and+refuse+to+engage+in+conversation.+You+can+easily+annoy+people+with+your+exaggerated+claims.+Reconsider+your+somewhat+hostile+approach+and+treat+other+people+with+respect,+take+their+opinions+seriously+and+remember+that+they+must+have+their+needs+met+too.+"

You frequently clash with others, and some feel you are behaving selfishly and refuse to engage in conversation. You can easily annoy people with your exaggerated claims. Reconsider your somewhat hostile approach and treat other people with respect, take their opinions seriously and remember that they must have their needs met too.

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