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string(16) "Monday,+March+30"

Monday, March 30

string(13) "Be+assertive+"

Be assertive

string(344) "Leaving+your+past+behind,+you+look+ahead+and+anticipate+the+future+more+decisively+and+enthusiastically+than+ever+before.+Don't+be+afraid+to+get+rid+of+everything+that+holds+you+back.+With+the+formidable+amount+of+energy+at+your+disposal,+you’re+determined+to+complete+plans+and+even+able+to+motivate+others,+becoming+an+enviable+role+model.+"

Leaving your past behind, you look ahead and anticipate the future more decisively and enthusiastically than ever before. Don't be afraid to get rid of everything that holds you back. With the formidable amount of energy at your disposal, you’re determined to complete plans and even able to motivate others, becoming an enviable role model.

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