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string(20) "Saturday,+February+4"

Saturday, February 4

string(15) "Happy+go-lucky+"

Happy go-lucky

string(357) "You+cooperate+with+people,+others+are+drawn+towards+the+positive+things+you+have+to+say,+and+you+find+having+such+an+optimistic+outlook+has+the+effect+of+cementing+your+friendships+and+making+them+even+stronger+than+before.+Possessing+such+positive+energy+helps+you+meet+people+and+if+you’re+already+attached+you+get+on+especially+well+with+your+partner.+"

You cooperate with people, others are drawn towards the positive things you have to say, and you find having such an optimistic outlook has the effect of cementing your friendships and making them even stronger than before. Possessing such positive energy helps you meet people and if you?re already attached you get on especially well with your partner.

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