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string(20) "Tuesday,+November+19"

Tuesday, November 19

string(12) "Mood+swings+"

Mood swings

string(351) "You+find+that+your+mood+fluctuates+more+than+normal,+you’re+easily+irritated+and+find+it+difficult+to+put+up+with+the+whims+of+others.+Regardless+of+the+way+you’re+behaving,+problems+with+your+love+life+become+apparent+for+reasons+you+find+difficult+to+understand.+Address+any+existing+tensions+between+you+to+relieve+the+stress+and+take+it+easy!+"

You find that your mood fluctuates more than normal, you’re easily irritated and find it difficult to put up with the whims of others. Regardless of the way you’re behaving, problems with your love life become apparent for reasons you find difficult to understand. Address any existing tensions between you to relieve the stress and take it easy!

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