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string(22) "Saturday,+September+18"

Saturday, September 18

string(23) "Sources+of+inspiration+"

Sources of inspiration

string(352) "Make+the+most+of+every+opportunity+to+breathe+new+life+into+your+ideas+and+plans.+Both+the+conversations+you+have+with+friends+or+colleagues+and+a+change+to+your+outlook+are+helpful.+Be+open+to+new+experiences+and+ideas+presented+to+you,+but+don't+let+yourself+be+swayed+far+from+your+original+path.+Continue+to+be+true+to+yourself+as+much+as+you+can.+"

Make the most of every opportunity to breathe new life into your ideas and plans. Both the conversations you have with friends or colleagues and a change to your outlook are helpful. Be open to new experiences and ideas presented to you, but don't let yourself be swayed far from your original path. Continue to be true to yourself as much as you can.

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