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string(15) "Monday,+July+15"

Monday, July 15

string(21) "The+art+of+diplomacy+"

The art of diplomacy

string(353) "Your+poise+and+patience+lead+to+pleasant+outcomes+in+your+dealings+with+other+people.+You+feel+it+necessary+to+convey+composure+to+them,+and+consequently,+you’re+a+sought-after+go-between.+Try+to+clear+up+as+many+misunderstandings+as+your+diplomatic+manner+allows.+However,+don't+blame+yourself+if+people+carry+on+arguing.+Not+all+are+as+calm+as+you.+"

Your poise and patience lead to pleasant outcomes in your dealings with other people. You feel it necessary to convey composure to them, and consequently, you?re a sought-after go-between. Try to clear up as many misunderstandings as your diplomatic manner allows. However, don't blame yourself if people carry on arguing. Not all are as calm as you.

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