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string(14) "Friday,+July+1"

Friday, July 1

string(23) "Differences+of+opinion+"

Differences of opinion

string(348) "Involved+in+many+discussions,+joint+activities+and+other+similar+undertakings,+your+enthusiasm+to+put+your+point+of+view+above+the+opinion+of+others+is+seen+as+rather+overbearing+and+egotistical.+This+leads+to+negative+and+quite+harmful+differences+emerging+between+you.+Be+less+provocative+if+you+don't+want+to+needlessly+fall+out+with+everybody.+"

Involved in many discussions, joint activities and other similar undertakings, your enthusiasm to put your point of view above the opinion of others is seen as rather overbearing and egotistical. This leads to negative and quite harmful differences emerging between you. Be less provocative if you don't want to needlessly fall out with everybody.

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