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string(20) "Monday,+September+25"

Monday, September 25

string(17) "Showing+feelings+"

Showing feelings

string(350) "You+perform+constructively+as+a+team,+and+you+get+even+the+most+complicated+ideas+off+the+ground.+At+home+or+in+the+work+place+just+the+same,+you+receive+the+essential+support+you+need.+Let+others+know+you+appreciate+what+they+do+for+you+and+strengthen+the+relationship+you+have+with+them.+You+may+meet+the+love+of+your+life,+so+keep+your+eyes+open!+"

You perform constructively as a team, and you get even the most complicated ideas off the ground. At home or in the work place just the same, you receive the essential support you need. Let others know you appreciate what they do for you and strengthen the relationship you have with them. You may meet the love of your life, so keep your eyes open!

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