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string(22) "Wednesday,+February+28"

Wednesday, February 28

string(10) "Arrogance+"


string(372) "Feeling+sure+of+yourself+and+convinced+you+can+take+on+anyone+in+an+argument+and+win,+your+self-confidence+is+easily+perceived+as+arrogance.+Practice+restraint,+especially+if+you+have+any+doubts+about+the+validity+of+your+arguments+and+be+sure+to+respect+the+views+of+others.+It’s+little+use+to+you,+if+as+a+result+no+one+even+listens+to+you+when+you’re+in+the+right.+"

Feeling sure of yourself and convinced you can take on anyone in an argument and win, your self-confidence is easily perceived as arrogance. Practice restraint, especially if you have any doubts about the validity of your arguments and be sure to respect the views of others. It?s little use to you, if as a result no one even listens to you when you?re in the right.

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