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string(20) "Sunday,+September+20"

Sunday, September 20

string(14) "Testing+tasks+"

Testing tasks

string(356) "Faced+with+new+challenges+in+your+job,+you+receive+support+at+just+the+right+time,+so+you’re+able+to+calmly+complete+any+project,+even+if+the+help+appears+to+come+from+unusual+sources,+do+not+turn+it+down.+In+health+matters,+you+can+set+the+course+positively+for+the+future+if+you+approach+things+with+patience+and+care+and+can+renounce+your+old+habits.+"

Faced with new challenges in your job, you receive support at just the right time, so you’re able to calmly complete any project, even if the help appears to come from unusual sources, do not turn it down. In health matters, you can set the course positively for the future if you approach things with patience and care and can renounce your old habits.

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