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string(22) "Thursday,+September+29"

Thursday, September 29

string(17) "Clear+Perception+"

Clear Perception

string(330) "Now+at+the+peak+of+your+perceptive+powers,+you+appear+to+possess+insight+into+topics+which+normally+don’t+occur+to+you,+as+well+as+understanding+more+complex+questions.+If+you+make+enough+effort,+others+can+benefit+from+your+improved+problem-solving+abilities,+which+will+be+greatly+appreciated+by+those+who+you+decide+to+help.+"

Now at the peak of your perceptive powers, you appear to possess insight into topics which normally don?t occur to you, as well as understanding more complex questions. If you make enough effort, others can benefit from your improved problem-solving abilities, which will be greatly appreciated by those who you decide to help.

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