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string(16) "Monday,+March+30"

Monday, March 30

string(19) "Practice,+patience+"

Practice, patience

string(367) "With+more+setbacks+than+usual,+these+are+not+ideal+circumstances+to+advance+your+hopes+or+ambitions;+you’re+unlikely+to+make+headway.+Practice+patience,+better+times+are+in+store.+Learn+from+the+setbacks+and+be+sure+not+to+repeat+the+same+mistakes.+If+fate+conspires+against+you,+remember+it’s+impossible+to+force+fate;+perhaps+she’s+something+better+in+store.+"

With more setbacks than usual, these are not ideal circumstances to advance your hopes or ambitions; you’re unlikely to make headway. Practice patience, better times are in store. Learn from the setbacks and be sure not to repeat the same mistakes. If fate conspires against you, remember it’s impossible to force fate; perhaps she’s something better in store.

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