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string(16) "Tuesday,+June+22"

Tuesday, June 22

string(16) "Grit+your+teeth+"

Grit your teeth

string(349) "Plans+you+try+to+implement,+require+you+to+focus+attention,+more+than+ever+it’s+important+to+accept+that+you+cannot+change+certain+things+and+you+don’t+allow+your+disappointment+to+stand+in+your+way,+instead+concentrate+on+things+which+lie+ahead.+With+the+correct+amount+of+patience+and+persistence,+even+if+it+takes+longer+you+reach+your+goal.+"

Plans you try to implement, require you to focus attention, more than ever it?s important to accept that you cannot change certain things and you don?t allow your disappointment to stand in your way, instead concentrate on things which lie ahead. With the correct amount of patience and persistence, even if it takes longer you reach your goal.

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