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string(16) "Friday,+April+19"

Friday, April 19

string(14) "Waste+of+time+"

Waste of time

string(345) "Be+careful+you+avoid+wasting+time+and+energy+on+disputes+that+end+up+being+blown+up+out+of+all+proportion+by+people+being+too+emotional,+when+common+sense+no+longer+prevails+but+staying+power+does.+Instead+use+your+energy+in+more+constructive+ways+on+important+issues.+Wait+until+things+have+cooled+down+and+deal+with+them+in+a+sensible+manner.+"

Be careful you avoid wasting time and energy on disputes that end up being blown up out of all proportion by people being too emotional, when common sense no longer prevails but staying power does. Instead use your energy in more constructive ways on important issues. Wait until things have cooled down and deal with them in a sensible manner.

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