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string(20) "Saturday,+February+4"

Saturday, February 4

string(20) "Positive+conditions+"

Positive conditions

string(353) "The+sensitivity+and+responsiveness+you+show,+affect+the+way+others+behave+towards+you.+Sending+out+such+positive+signals+can+only+be+to+everybody’s+advantage,+and+your+self-confidence+allows+you+to+explore+some+different+interests.+Feeling+agreeable+you+want+to+converse+with+others,+and+you’re+capable+of+encouraging+anyone+in+need+of+reassurance.+"

The sensitivity and responsiveness you show, affect the way others behave towards you. Sending out such positive signals can only be to everybody?s advantage, and your self-confidence allows you to explore some different interests. Feeling agreeable you want to converse with others, and you?re capable of encouraging anyone in need of reassurance.

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