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string(22) "Wednesday,+February+28"

Wednesday, February 28

string(21) "Beneficial+agreement+"

Beneficial agreement

string(348) "Mutual+goodwill+is+a+decisive+factor+in+helping+you+make+an+extremely+good+agreement+which+benefits+everybody+concerned.+You’re+able+to+demonstrate+that+you’re+the+right+partner+for+such+an+agreement.+How+you+achieve+your+part+of+the+deal+goes+a+long+way+to+deciding+whether+you’re+able+to+make+similarly+beneficial+agreements+in+the+future.+"

Mutual goodwill is a decisive factor in helping you make an extremely good agreement which benefits everybody concerned. You?re able to demonstrate that you?re the right partner for such an agreement. How you achieve your part of the deal goes a long way to deciding whether you?re able to make similarly beneficial agreements in the future.

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