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string(19) "Monday,+November+29"

Monday, November 29

string(16) "Self-confidence+"


string(354) "Your+self-confident+manner+pays+off,+and+you’re+seen+as+a+leading+light+-+you+successfully+put+ideas+into+practice+and+display+a+particularly+good+attitude+when+it+comes+to+accommodating+the+wishes+of+others.+Such+a+frank+approach+is+sometimes+a+bit+too+much+but+breathes+new+life+into+relationships+as+others+discover+new+aspects+of+your+personality.+"

Your self-confident manner pays off, and you?re seen as a leading light - you successfully put ideas into practice and display a particularly good attitude when it comes to accommodating the wishes of others. Such a frank approach is sometimes a bit too much but breathes new life into relationships as others discover new aspects of your personality.

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