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string(15) "Monday,+June+24"

Monday, June 24

string(20) "Difficult+situation+"

Difficult situation

string(356) "Confronted+with+challenges+that+put+you+under+more+pressure+than+usual,+it’s+advisable+to+remain+in+the+background,+instead+of+taking+responsibility+for+everything.+This+helps+you,+above+all+in+your+work,+to+save+energy+for+the+really+important+things.+Think+also+about+your+health,+it's+beneficial+to+conserve+energy+rather+than+being+utterly+worn+out.+"

Confronted with challenges that put you under more pressure than usual, it?s advisable to remain in the background, instead of taking responsibility for everything. This helps you, above all in your work, to save energy for the really important things. Think also about your health, it's beneficial to conserve energy rather than being utterly worn out.

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