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string(14) "Friday,+July+1"

Friday, July 1

string(19) "Desire+for+renewal+"

Desire for renewal

string(353) "You+long+for+a+"breath+of+fresh+air"+to+liven+things+up.+It's+best+to+start+by+doing+simple+things+that+don’t+place+too+many+demands+on+yourself.+Otherwise,+you+end+up+taking+on+more+than+you+can+handle,+rather+than+make+improvements+to+your+daily+routine.+Appering+to+be+restless,+don't+overstep+the+mark+and+end+up+doing+something+you+later+regret.+"

You long for a "breath of fresh air" to liven things up. It's best to start by doing simple things that don?t place too many demands on yourself. Otherwise, you end up taking on more than you can handle, rather than make improvements to your daily routine. Appering to be restless, don't overstep the mark and end up doing something you later regret.

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