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string(20) "Saturday,+February+4"

Saturday, February 4

string(12) "Sensitivity+"


string(345) "Even+though+you+feel+particularly+sensitive,+don’t+over-examine+the+things+people+say.+In+the+scheme+of+things,+however,+your+sensitivity+helps+you+positively+influence+matters.+Women+appreciate+your+emotional+sincerity+and+the+intelligent+conversations+they+have+with+you.+Pay+attention+to+physical+warning+signals+and+avoid+too+much+stress.+"

Even though you feel particularly sensitive, don?t over-examine the things people say. In the scheme of things, however, your sensitivity helps you positively influence matters. Women appreciate your emotional sincerity and the intelligent conversations they have with you. Pay attention to physical warning signals and avoid too much stress.

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