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string(19) "Monday,+November+29"

Monday, November 29

string(15) "Solve+problems+"

Solve problems

string(362) "You’re+exceptionally+sharp+and+seem+to+have+the+right+instincts+for+good+decision+making.+With+a+confident+approach+to+difficult+problems,+the+chances+are+you+solve+them,+or+at+least+find+a+way+to+live+with+them.+Get+these+problem-solving+strategies+down+on+paper+as+clearly+structured+notes+are+extremely+helpful+later,+when+everything+doesn't+seem+so+clear.+"

You?re exceptionally sharp and seem to have the right instincts for good decision making. With a confident approach to difficult problems, the chances are you solve them, or at least find a way to live with them. Get these problem-solving strategies down on paper as clearly structured notes are extremely helpful later, when everything doesn't seem so clear.

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