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string(14) "Monday,+June+1"

Monday, June 1

string(22) "Advances+in+knowledge+"

Advances in knowledge

string(351) "You+make+important+connections,+significant+and+decisive+steps+forward,+adding+to+a+detailed+understanding+of+your+situation.+Your+awareness+is+strong,+and+you’re+inspired+by+a+variety+of+sources.+Take+every+opportunity+to+exchange+ideas,+to+develop+them+further.+You+never+know+how+and+when+you+get+the+critical+piece+of+information+that+you+need.+"

You make important connections, significant and decisive steps forward, adding to a detailed understanding of your situation. Your awareness is strong, and you’re inspired by a variety of sources. Take every opportunity to exchange ideas, to develop them further. You never know how and when you get the critical piece of information that you need.

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