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string(14) "Friday,+June+9"

Friday, June 9

string(12) "Be+sociable+"

Be sociable

string(357) "Having+a+wide+circle+of+friends+can+be+a+great+boon.+You+find+it+easy+to+bring+cheer+to+others,+you’re+a+ray+of+sunshine,+even+more+so+than+usual.+Use+your+positivity+to+be+as+helpful+and+accommodating+to+people+who+are+less+fortunate+than+you.+When+you+break+down+barriers,+interesting+relationships+develop+into+something+more+promising+and+worthwhile.+"

Having a wide circle of friends can be a great boon. You find it easy to bring cheer to others, you?re a ray of sunshine, even more so than usual. Use your positivity to be as helpful and accommodating to people who are less fortunate than you. When you break down barriers, interesting relationships develop into something more promising and worthwhile.

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