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string(20) "Friday,+September+17"

Friday, September 17

string(19) "Difficult+feelings+"

Difficult feelings

string(351) "Unable+to+reasonably+cope+you+find+it+difficult+to+understand+and+make+sense+of+how+you’re+feeling.+Your+mind+knows+what+must+be+done+but+your+feelings+prevent+you+from+acting+sensibly.+Accept+your+feelings,+as+you+cannot+change+them.+Find+yourself+a+quiet+and+secluded+place+and+decide+if+you+want+to+follow+the+feelings+of+you+heart+or+your+head.+"

Unable to reasonably cope you find it difficult to understand and make sense of how you?re feeling. Your mind knows what must be done but your feelings prevent you from acting sensibly. Accept your feelings, as you cannot change them. Find yourself a quiet and secluded place and decide if you want to follow the feelings of you heart or your head.

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