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string(18) "Sunday,+January+19"

Sunday, January 19

string(24) "Emotional+conversations+"

Emotional conversations

string(369) "Unfortunately,+the+outcomes+of+very+intense+communications+you’re+involved+in+aren’t+likely+to+be+at+all+that+positive.+Protagonists+can+very+easily+stray+from+the+topic+at+hand+and+get+personal+and+unnecessarily+hurtful.+If+you+notice+a+discussion+is+degenerating+like+this,+take+a+passive+role,+otherwise+you+get+hurt,+or+may+even+upset+others+with+what+you+say.+"

Unfortunately, the outcomes of very intense communications you’re involved in aren’t likely to be at all that positive. Protagonists can very easily stray from the topic at hand and get personal and unnecessarily hurtful. If you notice a discussion is degenerating like this, take a passive role, otherwise you get hurt, or may even upset others with what you say.

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