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string(22) "Thursday,+September+29"

Thursday, September 29

string(20) "Dealing+with+people+"

Dealing with people

string(365) "You’re+an+invaluable+team+player,+either+by+clearing+up+certain+minor+misunderstandings+or+by+simply+displaying+such+a+degree+of+positivity.+You+find+being+involved+with+a+group+is+very+enriching+and+feel+only+shared+success+is+a+real+success.+Your+biggest+reward+is+seeing+other+people+happy.+That's+why+you're+especially+generous+and+reap+the+benefits+in+full.+"

You?re an invaluable team player, either by clearing up certain minor misunderstandings or by simply displaying such a degree of positivity. You find being involved with a group is very enriching and feel only shared success is a real success. Your biggest reward is seeing other people happy. That's why you're especially generous and reap the benefits in full.

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