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string(19) "Monday,+November+29"

Monday, November 29

string(16) "Simply+charming+"

Simply charming

string(350) "Attracting+the+attention+of+others;+it+appears+everyone+notices+the+obvious+and+irresistible+charm+you+possess+and+marks+you+out+as+someone+they+can+easily+admire.+Your+diplomatic+approach+to+a+situation+leads+others+to+compromise+and+respect+your+thought-provoking+point+of+view,+making+you+the+valued+partner+they+appreciate+having+in+their+lives.+"

Attracting the attention of others; it appears everyone notices the obvious and irresistible charm you possess and marks you out as someone they can easily admire. Your diplomatic approach to a situation leads others to compromise and respect your thought-provoking point of view, making you the valued partner they appreciate having in their lives.

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