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string(18) "Friday,+December+6"

Friday, December 6

string(16) "Joy+of+Learning+"

Joy of Learning

string(343) "It's+great+to+let+your+brains+little+grey+cells+work+at+full+speed+and+to+broaden+your+horizons.+Look+for+a+big+challenge,+and+throw+yourself+into+it.+You+have+the+necessary+insight+and+stamina+to+do+certain+things+that+you+never+thought+possible,+which+is+good+for+your+ego+and+might+give+your+career+or+even+your+personal+life+a+real+boost.+"

It's great to let your brains little grey cells work at full speed and to broaden your horizons. Look for a big challenge, and throw yourself into it. You have the necessary insight and stamina to do certain things that you never thought possible, which is good for your ego and might give your career or even your personal life a real boost.

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