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string(17) "Saturday,+June+10"

Saturday, June 10

string(19) "Life's+temptations+"

Life's temptations

string(349) "The+discipline+which+work+is+likely+to+force+upon+you+is+helpful+and+prevents+you+from+becoming+distracted+by+the+various+temptations+life+often+places+in+your+path.+If+you+give+into+all+your+desires+and+cravings,+you+regret+it,+either+because+of+your+wastefulness+with+money+or+the+personal+consequences+resulting+from+your+own+rather+wicked+ways.+"

The discipline which work is likely to force upon you is helpful and prevents you from becoming distracted by the various temptations life often places in your path. If you give into all your desires and cravings, you regret it, either because of your wastefulness with money or the personal consequences resulting from your own rather wicked ways.

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