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string(16) "Friday,+April+19"

Friday, April 19

string(12) "Uncertainty+"


string(352) "Doubts+lead+to+unforeseen+complications;+your+vitality+improves+but+in+a+conflicting+and+rather+discordant+way.+If+you+win+recognition+at+the+expense+of+others+and+upset+people+this+only+creates+problems+for+you+later+on.+So,+curb+your+desires,+avoid+drastic+action,+and+you’re+likely+to+survive+without+encountering+many+difficulties+in+the+future.+"

Doubts lead to unforeseen complications; your vitality improves but in a conflicting and rather discordant way. If you win recognition at the expense of others and upset people this only creates problems for you later on. So, curb your desires, avoid drastic action, and you’re likely to survive without encountering many difficulties in the future.

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