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string(22) "Saturday,+September+18"

Saturday, September 18

string(16) "Social+contacts+"

Social contacts

string(346) "You’re+in+a+friendly+and+sociable+mood+and+don’t+feel+much+like+working+at+all.+If+you+can,+you+need+to+spend+time+with+other+people.+Sporting+activities+are+beneficial+for+happiness+and+well-being+and+provide+a+boost+to+your+personal+life.+Additionally,+you+find+it+more+motivating+to+exercise+in+a+group+–+it+makes+sense+and+is+more+fun.+"

You?re in a friendly and sociable mood and don?t feel much like working at all. If you can, you need to spend time with other people. Sporting activities are beneficial for happiness and well-being and provide a boost to your personal life. Additionally, you find it more motivating to exercise in a group ? it makes sense and is more fun.

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