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string(16) "Saturday,+May+28"

Saturday, May 28

string(15) "Vague+approach+"

Vague approach

string(338) "You’re+full+of+ideas,+but+unusually+you+don't+have+the+requisite+energy+or+enthusiasm+to+follow+them+through.+Let+those+close+to+you+know+how+you+feel.+Otherwise,+they+may+not+understand+why+you+are+so+reluctant+to+join+in+with+their+plans.+Make+them+aware+you+need+some+peaceful,+quiet+time+alone,+to+recover+your+emotional+wellbeing.+"

You?re full of ideas, but unusually you don't have the requisite energy or enthusiasm to follow them through. Let those close to you know how you feel. Otherwise, they may not understand why you are so reluctant to join in with their plans. Make them aware you need some peaceful, quiet time alone, to recover your emotional wellbeing.

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