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string(20) "Thursday,+December+7"

Thursday, December 7

string(30) "Give+your+feelings+free+reign+"

Give your feelings free reign

string(357) "Refrain+from+involvement+in+any+strenuous+tasks.+Instead,+you+must+allow+yourself+time+to+give+free+rein+to+your+thoughts+and+most+importantly,+your+feelings.+Something+completely+new+has+a+dramatic+effect+on+your+circumstances,+it+is+waiting+to+be+discovered+and+is+capable+of+being+the+catalyst+that+eventually+brings+about+dramatic+changes+in+your+life.+"

Refrain from involvement in any strenuous tasks. Instead, you must allow yourself time to give free rein to your thoughts and most importantly, your feelings. Something completely new has a dramatic effect on your circumstances, it is waiting to be discovered and is capable of being the catalyst that eventually brings about dramatic changes in your life.

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