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string(18) "Saturday,+April+21"

Saturday, April 21

string(25) "Don't+dive+in+head-first+"

Don't dive in head-first

string(355) "Your+assertiveness+is+remarkable+but+does+you+no+good+if+you+act+without+applying+any+restraint+whatsoever.+Valuable+allies+can+easily+remove+their+support+because+you+take+out+your+frustrations+on+those+closest+to+you.+Don't+dive+in+head-first,+take+a+step+back,+regain+your+composure+and+look+after+yourself,+since+you+are+currently+a+little+below+par.+"

Your assertiveness is remarkable but does you no good if you act without applying any restraint whatsoever. Valuable allies can easily remove their support because you take out your frustrations on those closest to you. Don't dive in head-first, take a step back, regain your composure and look after yourself, since you are currently a little below par.

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