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string(19) "Tuesday,+October+23"

Tuesday, October 23

string(17) "Quest+for+beauty+"

Quest for beauty

string(363) "You+find+pleasure+in+the+beautiful+things+in+life+and+feel+the+urge+to+create+something+of+beauty+yourself.+Maybe+you’re+artistically+inspired+or+want+to+take+care+of+your+body+and+spoil+yourself+with+a+trip+that+is+particularly+beneficial+for+your+well-being.+Follow+your+feelings+but+remember+some+kinds+of+beauty+are+fleeting,+whereas+others+remain+forever.+"

You find pleasure in the beautiful things in life and feel the urge to create something of beauty yourself. Maybe you’re artistically inspired or want to take care of your body and spoil yourself with a trip that is particularly beneficial for your well-being. Follow your feelings but remember some kinds of beauty are fleeting, whereas others remain forever.

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