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string(14) "Friday,+July+1"

Friday, July 1

string(19) "Uncontrolled+force+"

Uncontrolled force

string(356) "If+you+don't+watch+out,+your+temper+can+take+over+and+cause+more+damage+than+you+realize.+You+tend+to+want+to+measure+yourself+against+those+around+you+and+therefore+are+always+on+the+look-out+for+confrontation.+Rein+in+your+aggressive+conduct+since,+although+you+appreciate+having+energy+at+your+disposal,+it's+unsteady+and+could+fail+you+at+key+moments.+"

If you don't watch out, your temper can take over and cause more damage than you realize. You tend to want to measure yourself against those around you and therefore are always on the look-out for confrontation. Rein in your aggressive conduct since, although you appreciate having energy at your disposal, it's unsteady and could fail you at key moments.

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