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string(20) "Monday,+September+25"

Monday, September 25

string(12) "Uncertainty+"


string(366) "The+uncertainties+that+prevail+and+seem+to+surround+you+require+you+to+make+your+position+clearer.+It’s+difficult+for+you+to+change+your+usual+way+of+thinking+and+this+has+a+negative+effect.+Be+open+to+a+different+way+of+approaching+issues+to+steer+clear+of+the+obstacles+before+you.+Don’t+let+your+health+suffer+needlessly;+you+must+not+push+yourself+too+hard.+"

The uncertainties that prevail and seem to surround you require you to make your position clearer. It?s difficult for you to change your usual way of thinking and this has a negative effect. Be open to a different way of approaching issues to steer clear of the obstacles before you. Don?t let your health suffer needlessly; you must not push yourself too hard.

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