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string(20) "Friday,+September+17"

Friday, September 17

string(15) "Feeling+secure+"

Feeling secure

string(363) "The+respect+others+show,+makes+you+feel+appreciated,+and+consequently+you+can+tackle+conversations+that+require+a+great+deal+of+tact+and+diplomacy.+Communication+is+the+key,+and+you’re+unlikely+shy+away+from+broaching+difficult+topics,+you+may+be+surprised+by+the+positive+outcome+that+transpires.+Remain+composed,+take+a+break+and+get+some+outdoor+recreation.+"

The respect others show, makes you feel appreciated, and consequently you can tackle conversations that require a great deal of tact and diplomacy. Communication is the key, and you?re unlikely shy away from broaching difficult topics, you may be surprised by the positive outcome that transpires. Remain composed, take a break and get some outdoor recreation.

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