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string(18) "Friday,+December+6"

Friday, December 6

string(16) "Profound+unrest+"

Profound unrest

string(354) "You+may+feel+deeply+dissatisfied.+The+way+you+react+is+unnerving+for+others+and+makes+them+despair+of+you,+while+you’re+oblivious+to+the+effect+you’re+having+on+them.+Try+to+slow+down+and+think+about+things+carefully+before+acting+so+hastily.+Any+hurried+approach+results+in+mistakes,+the+consequences+of+which+you+must+painstakingly+sort+out+later.+"

You may feel deeply dissatisfied. The way you react is unnerving for others and makes them despair of you, while you’re oblivious to the effect you’re having on them. Try to slow down and think about things carefully before acting so hastily. Any hurried approach results in mistakes, the consequences of which you must painstakingly sort out later.

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