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string(19) "Wednesday,+April+17"

Wednesday, April 17

string(12) "Pressurized+"


string(357) "Under+so+much+pressure,+you+behave+in+an+uncontrolled+manner+towards+other+people.+You+want+to+progress,+but+are+too+hasty+or+plain+tactless.+Put+the+brakes+on+your+activities+somewhat+and+don't+discourage+potential+friends,+all+they+want+to+do+is+help+you.+Postpone+important+talks,+things+go+wrong+if+you+behave+awkwardly+and+are+unable+to+be+convincing.+"

Under so much pressure, you behave in an uncontrolled manner towards other people. You want to progress, but are too hasty or plain tactless. Put the brakes on your activities somewhat and don't discourage potential friends, all they want to do is help you. Postpone important talks, things go wrong if you behave awkwardly and are unable to be convincing.

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