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string(19) "Monday,+December+10"

Monday, December 10

string(17) "No+hard+feelings+"

No hard feelings

string(349) "Nothing+turns+out+badly,+and+even+if+it+does,+it+doesn’t+cause+you+any+problems.+Your+calm+and+relaxed+manner+impresses+other+people+and+has+a+beneficial+effect+on+them.+You+appreciate+how+simple+life+can+be+if+you+don't+get+upset+by+every+little+thing.+By+dealing+with+encounters+in+this+way,+you+can+take+the+first+steps+towards+reconciliation.+"

Nothing turns out badly, and even if it does, it doesn’t cause you any problems. Your calm and relaxed manner impresses other people and has a beneficial effect on them. You appreciate how simple life can be if you don't get upset by every little thing. By dealing with encounters in this way, you can take the first steps towards reconciliation.

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