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string(19) "Monday,+November+29"

Monday, November 29

string(17) "Provoking+others+"

Provoking others

string(368) "You+don’t+let+anything+go,+instead+question+everything+in+a+way+that+others+perceive+to+be+rather+provocative.+You’re+in+danger+of+getting+on+everyone’s+nerves.+Don't+take+the+opposite+view,+ease+up,+especially+if+there’s+an+uncomfortable+atmosphere+and+if+to+some+extent+you’re+close+to+or+have+reached+the+correct+conclusion,+and+everybody+has+had+enough.+"

You don?t let anything go, instead question everything in a way that others perceive to be rather provocative. You?re in danger of getting on everyone?s nerves. Don't take the opposite view, ease up, especially if there?s an uncomfortable atmosphere and if to some extent you?re close to or have reached the correct conclusion, and everybody has had enough.

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