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string(19) "Monday,+December+10"

Monday, December 10

string(16) "Avoid+conflicts+"

Avoid conflicts

string(349) "It+is+difficult+for+you+to+make+decisions+and+justify+your+actions.+Especially+in+disagreements,+you’re+not+able+to+state+your+point+of+view+with+any+confidence.+Avoid+making+matters+worse,+by+accepting+compromises+which+you+don’t+normally+make.+Far+better+to+put+off+conversations+until+you’re+feeling+able+to+deal+with+them+more+confidently+"

It is difficult for you to make decisions and justify your actions. Especially in disagreements, you’re not able to state your point of view with any confidence. Avoid making matters worse, by accepting compromises which you don’t normally make. Far better to put off conversations until you’re feeling able to deal with them more confidently

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