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string(15) "Monday,+June+17"

Monday, June 17

string(21) "Harmony+and+pleasure+"

Harmony and pleasure

string(354) "Feeling+more+vibrant+and+alive,+seeking+the+company+of+others+is+a+particularly+satisfying+activity.+The+pleasure+you+create+turns+out+to+be+extremely+rewarding+and+enjoyable,+especially+if+you+spend+it+with+someone+you+love.+Openness+and+honesty+are+central+to+your+contentment,+try+not+to+think+too+much+about+the+exertions+of+work+and+enjoy+yourself!+"

Feeling more vibrant and alive, seeking the company of others is a particularly satisfying activity. The pleasure you create turns out to be extremely rewarding and enjoyable, especially if you spend it with someone you love. Openness and honesty are central to your contentment, try not to think too much about the exertions of work and enjoy yourself!

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