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string(18) "Friday,+December+6"

Friday, December 6

string(21) "Coping+with+pressure+"

Coping with pressure

string(361) "Unusually+calm+even+under+the+greatest+pressure,+you're+not+fazed+by+deadlines,+on+the+contrary,+the+more+you+have+to+do,+the+more+efficient+you+are.+A+sense+of+satisfaction+benefits+personal+relationships,+your+head+is+clear,+and+you+have+time+for+your+partner.+Find+out+how+you+can+include+relaxation+techniques+to+help+you+stay+this+way+as+long+as+possible.+"

Unusually calm even under the greatest pressure, you're not fazed by deadlines, on the contrary, the more you have to do, the more efficient you are. A sense of satisfaction benefits personal relationships, your head is clear, and you have time for your partner. Find out how you can include relaxation techniques to help you stay this way as long as possible.

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