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string(21) "Wednesday,+January+24"

Wednesday, January 24

string(15) "Effortlessness+"


string(342) "Any+effort+you+make+comes+naturally,+and+in+your+private+life,+the+activities+and+inclinations+you+indulge+in+are+enjoyable+and+satisfying.+Although+content+with+your+friends+and+those+close+to+you,+if+you’re+single,+you+may+benefit+from+the+more+promising+attention+and+understanding+of+someone+you+currently+find+irresistibly+attractive.+"

Any effort you make comes naturally, and in your private life, the activities and inclinations you indulge in are enjoyable and satisfying. Although content with your friends and those close to you, if you’re single, you may benefit from the more promising attention and understanding of someone you currently find irresistibly attractive.

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