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string(14) "Friday,+July+1"

Friday, July 1

string(11) "Chatterbox+"


string(339) "Your+readiness+to+talk+strengthens+your+relationships,+helping+to+cement+and+develop+the+interaction+you+enjoy+between+you.+Enjoying+chats+with+colleagues+is+a+good+thing+just+if+you+don't+neglect+tasks+you+have+and+fall+out+with+the+wrong+people.+Use+your+time+constructively;+keep+on+good+terms+with+the+people+who+are+important+to+you.+"

Your readiness to talk strengthens your relationships, helping to cement and develop the interaction you enjoy between you. Enjoying chats with colleagues is a good thing just if you don't neglect tasks you have and fall out with the wrong people. Use your time constructively; keep on good terms with the people who are important to you.

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