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string(20) "Saturday,+February+4"

Saturday, February 4

string(13) "Make+friends+"

Make friends

string(358) "You+feel+balanced+and+relaxed;+your+good+mood+is+infectious,+and+there+isn't+anything+that+is+likely+to+get+you+down+or+prevent+you+from+being+in+such+a+good+mood.+Approach+others+and+develop+your+friendships+further.+Use+this+mood+to+strengthen+existing+relationships+as+well,+or+as+a+reason+to+get+back+in+contact+with+people,+you+have+neglected+recently.+"

You feel balanced and relaxed; your good mood is infectious, and there isn't anything that is likely to get you down or prevent you from being in such a good mood. Approach others and develop your friendships further. Use this mood to strengthen existing relationships as well, or as a reason to get back in contact with people, you have neglected recently.

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