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string(20) "Thursday,+December+7"

Thursday, December 7

string(10) "Composure+"


string(306) "You+display+an+air+of+confidence+and+composure.+People+want+to+go+along+with+what+you+say,+and+it+is+easy+for+you+to+resolve+any+difficult+issues+as+they+arise.+Try+your+hand+at+something+new.+You+are+likely+to+be+pleasantly+surprised+and+enjoy+having+an+experience+that+is+a+forerunner+to+future+success.+"

You display an air of confidence and composure. People want to go along with what you say, and it is easy for you to resolve any difficult issues as they arise. Try your hand at something new. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised and enjoy having an experience that is a forerunner to future success.

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