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string(15) "Monday,+July+15"

Monday, July 15

string(17) "Live+to+the+full+"

Live to the full

string(339) "Everything+you+do+is+likely+to+turn+out+well.+Colleagues+and+friends+realize+you're+particularly+good+at+solving+problems,+and+they+are+pleased+to+receive+any+offers+of+help+you+make.+When+free+from+the+exertions+of+work+you+need+to+spend+time+in+your+personal+life+–+and+experience+how+your+partner+responds+affectionately+towards+you.+"

Everything you do is likely to turn out well. Colleagues and friends realize you're particularly good at solving problems, and they are pleased to receive any offers of help you make. When free from the exertions of work you need to spend time in your personal life ? and experience how your partner responds affectionately towards you.

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