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string(19) "Wednesday,+April+17"

Wednesday, April 17

string(17) "React+Reasonably+"

React Reasonably

string(335) "If+You+feel+misunderstood+by+others,+don’t+respond+aggressively,+but+take+it+easy.+Despite+your+high+level+of+commitment,+you+may+experience+some+tension,+act+calmly+and+put+things+off+until+the+atmosphere+improves+and+appears+less+difficult.+Exercise+is+always+beneficial+for+relieving+tension+and+is+the+best+thing+you+can+do+now.+"

If You feel misunderstood by others, don?t respond aggressively, but take it easy. Despite your high level of commitment, you may experience some tension, act calmly and put things off until the atmosphere improves and appears less difficult. Exercise is always beneficial for relieving tension and is the best thing you can do now.

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