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string(16) "Tuesday,+June+22"

Tuesday, June 22

string(20) "Enforcing+your+will+"

Enforcing your will

string(361) "Your+strength+of+purpose+and+ability+to+carry+out+what+you+want+is+much+stronger+than+usual.+If+you+let+yourself+get+too+carried+away+this+inevitably+brings+problems,+don’t+fight+against+things+you+know+are+out+of+your+own+control.+Instead+develop+a+patient+approach,+things+run+more+smoothly,+and+small+difficulties+don't+lead+to+such+negative+consequences.+"

Your strength of purpose and ability to carry out what you want is much stronger than usual. If you let yourself get too carried away this inevitably brings problems, don?t fight against things you know are out of your own control. Instead develop a patient approach, things run more smoothly, and small difficulties don't lead to such negative consequences.

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