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string(15) "Monday,+July+15"

Monday, July 15

string(20) "Battle+of+the+sexes+"

Battle of the sexes

string(343) "Don’t+be+so+competitive;+there+is+no+need+to+interpret+everything+others+do+and+say+as+a+challenge.+You+appear+rather+forceful+with+potential+partners+or+in+existing+relationships+and+likely+to+get+yourself+into+needless+disagreements,+which+everybody+concerned+prefers+to+avoid.+If+you’re+exhausted+by+all+of+this,+spend+some+time+alone.+"

Don?t be so competitive; there is no need to interpret everything others do and say as a challenge. You appear rather forceful with potential partners or in existing relationships and likely to get yourself into needless disagreements, which everybody concerned prefers to avoid. If you?re exhausted by all of this, spend some time alone.

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