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string(16) "Monday,+March+30"

Monday, March 30

string(12) "Initiatives+"


string(358) "Team+spirit+is+evident,+you+put+others+needs+first,+they+notice+your+conduct+and+when+you+carry+on+in+this+way+consider+you+to+be+a+driving+force.+Look+after+your+family+too,+resolving+disputes+is+easy+for+you+to+initiate.+Family+contacts+are+beneficial,+if+you+want+to+be+comforted,+old+remedies+and+family+security+make+you+feel+good+and+much+appreciated.+"

Team spirit is evident, you put others needs first, they notice your conduct and when you carry on in this way consider you to be a driving force. Look after your family too, resolving disputes is easy for you to initiate. Family contacts are beneficial, if you want to be comforted, old remedies and family security make you feel good and much appreciated.

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