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string(21) "Wednesday,+January+19"

Wednesday, January 19

string(13) "Clear+Vision+"

Clear Vision

string(349) "Your+powers+of+perception+increase+the+clarity+and+strength+of+your+intellect.+A+clear+vision+of+your+future+helps+you+pursue+your+goals,+independently+of+any+external+influences.+Step+by+step+you+turn+your+visions+into+reality.+All+this+activity+means+you+should+be+taking+some+exercise+which+helps+you+to+keep+in+balance,+physically+and+mentally.+"

Your powers of perception increase the clarity and strength of your intellect. A clear vision of your future helps you pursue your goals, independently of any external influences. Step by step you turn your visions into reality. All this activity means you should be taking some exercise which helps you to keep in balance, physically and mentally.

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