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string(14) "Monday,+May+17"

Monday, May 17

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Look for contacts

string(351) "Whether+at+work+or+socially,+any+approach+you+make+achieves+more+when+you’re+composed+and+considerate+rather+than+being+forceful.+The+skill+you+show+in+dealing+with+people+and+this+is+all+that’s+required,+is+that+you+can+become+involved.+However,+to+improve+the+relationship+you+have+with+your+partner+you+need+to+include+them+in+your+activities.+"

Whether at work or socially, any approach you make achieves more when you?re composed and considerate rather than being forceful. The skill you show in dealing with people and this is all that?s required, is that you can become involved. However, to improve the relationship you have with your partner you need to include them in your activities.

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