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string(19) "Wednesday,+April+17"

Wednesday, April 17

string(15) "Inner+tensions+"

Inner tensions

string(354) "Accomplishing+such+a+lot,+make+sure+what+you+do+achieve+is+appreciated+by+those+around+you.+Don't+allow+the+inner+tension+you+feel+to+unnecessarily+antagonize+or+disrupt+the+normal+way+you+interact+with+those+people+close+to+you.+If+you’re+too+antagonistic+or+moody,+inevitably+this+leads+to+complications+especially+with+your+partner+if+you+have+one.+"

Accomplishing such a lot, make sure what you do achieve is appreciated by those around you. Don't allow the inner tension you feel to unnecessarily antagonize or disrupt the normal way you interact with those people close to you. If you?re too antagonistic or moody, inevitably this leads to complications especially with your partner if you have one.

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