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string(20) "Thursday,+December+7"

Thursday, December 7

string(11) "Indulgence+"


string(348) "Right+now,+the+last+thing+you+want+to+do+is+work,+preferring+to+stay+in+bed+and+indulge+in+sweet+dreams+or+spend+time+eating+delicious+things.+In+the+long+run,+this+doesn’t+lead+anywhere+and+only+makes+you+seem+boring+to+others.+You+may+put+on+extra+weight+and+undermine+your+fitness.+Exercising+regularly+instead+does+more+good+in+the+long+run.+"

Right now, the last thing you want to do is work, preferring to stay in bed and indulge in sweet dreams or spend time eating delicious things. In the long run, this doesn?t lead anywhere and only makes you seem boring to others. You may put on extra weight and undermine your fitness. Exercising regularly instead does more good in the long run.

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