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string(19) "Monday,+December+10"

Monday, December 10

string(11) "Indecision+"


string(366) "You’re+unsure+of+what+to+do,+every+decision+you’re+faced+with+seems+like+an+intractable+problem,+and+if+you+keep+putting+them+off,+even+bigger+problems+seem+to+arise.+Don't+be+forced+to+make+half-hearted+compromises+–+take+time+to+weigh+up+the+pros+and+cons+of+the+situation+before+deciding.+If+you+can't+find+a+solution,+sleeping+on+it+can+make+a+difference.+"

You’re unsure of what to do, every decision you’re faced with seems like an intractable problem, and if you keep putting them off, even bigger problems seem to arise. Don't be forced to make half-hearted compromises – take time to weigh up the pros and cons of the situation before deciding. If you can't find a solution, sleeping on it can make a difference.

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