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string(15) "Monday,+June+18"

Monday, June 18

string(15) "Period+of+rest+"

Period of rest

string(346) "Having+done+as+much+as+you+possibly+can,+you+feel+weary+and+need+to+take+a+rest.+Put+your+feet+up+for+a+while+and+refuse+to+do+anything+you+don't+feel+like+doing.+Call+off+meetings+arranged+with+friends+and+tell+them+you’re+not+good+company.+They+understand,+so+you’re+able+to+enjoy+some+well-deserved+relaxation+and+keep+a+clear+conscience.+"

Having done as much as you possibly can, you feel weary and need to take a rest. Put your feet up for a while and refuse to do anything you don't feel like doing. Call off meetings arranged with friends and tell them you’re not good company. They understand, so you’re able to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation and keep a clear conscience.

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