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string(20) "Sunday,+September+20"

Sunday, September 20

string(9) "Bad+Mood+"

Bad Mood

string(353) "Things+aren't+going+as+well+as+they+might,+your+perpetual+bad+mood+frequently+upsets+the+people+you+love+most,+as+well+as+friends+and+relations.+Make+sure+you+don’t+put+good+friendships+at+risk+and+apologize+to+others+when+you+hurt+their+feelings.+Constant+arguments+adversely+affect+your+well-being,+healthy+foods+help+strengthen+your+immune+system.+"

Things aren't going as well as they might, your perpetual bad mood frequently upsets the people you love most, as well as friends and relations. Make sure you don’t put good friendships at risk and apologize to others when you hurt their feelings. Constant arguments adversely affect your well-being, healthy foods help strengthen your immune system.

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