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string(20) "Saturday,+February+4"

Saturday, February 4

string(20) "Increased+Awareness+"

Increased Awareness

string(328) "Try+to+be+less+forthright+and+avoid+upsetting+the+relationships+that+you+value+most.+Instead+ask+yourself+if+you+need+to+spend+more+time+concentrating+on+your+personal+life+and+make+improvements,+by+being+more+responsive+to+your+loved+ones.+Acting+in+a+confrontational+way+never+goes+down+well,+it+is+not+appreciated+by+anyone.+"

Try to be less forthright and avoid upsetting the relationships that you value most. Instead ask yourself if you need to spend more time concentrating on your personal life and make improvements, by being more responsive to your loved ones. Acting in a confrontational way never goes down well, it is not appreciated by anyone.

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