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string(18) "Monday,+October+18"

Monday, October 18

string(15) "Be+considerate+"

Be considerate

string(324) "Don’t+be+inconsiderate+towards+the+people+that+matter,+who+are+important+to+you.+It’s+easy+to+disrupt+situations+needlessly+by+acting+impulsively.+If+you+are+not+careful,+you+damage+your+reputation+and+possibly+get+on+your+partner’s+nerves.+Direct+your+excess+energy+into+some+recreational+activity+or+sports+instead.+"

Don?t be inconsiderate towards the people that matter, who are important to you. It?s easy to disrupt situations needlessly by acting impulsively. If you are not careful, you damage your reputation and possibly get on your partner?s nerves. Direct your excess energy into some recreational activity or sports instead.

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