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string(18) "Sunday,+January+19"

Sunday, January 19

string(12) "Resourceful+"


string(350) "You+prefer+to+relax+at+home+and+practice+developing+your+creative+skills,+even+if+you+are+not+sure+you+have+any+inventive+talent,+you’re+more+imaginative+than+you+realize.+Don't+be+too+extravagant+with+your+energy+or+money.+Lazing+around+is+good+for+the+soul+but+bad+for+your+bank+account.+Take+pleasure+in+free+things+–+like+a+walk+in+the+park.+"

You prefer to relax at home and practice developing your creative skills, even if you are not sure you have any inventive talent, you’re more imaginative than you realize. Don't be too extravagant with your energy or money. Lazing around is good for the soul but bad for your bank account. Take pleasure in free things – like a walk in the park.

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