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string(15) "Monday,+June+24"

Monday, June 24

string(11) "Creativity+"


string(319) "You’re+inventive,+giving+free+rein+to+your+creative+ability+you+discover+a+new+side+of+yourself.+It+could+be+a+project,+with+which+you+can+amaze+your+colleagues+at+work,+or+you+might+persuade+your+friends+to+start+a+new+interest+or+become+involved+in+some+group+sporting+activity,+and+you+have+fun+together+doing+it.+"

You?re inventive, giving free rein to your creative ability you discover a new side of yourself. It could be a project, with which you can amaze your colleagues at work, or you might persuade your friends to start a new interest or become involved in some group sporting activity, and you have fun together doing it.

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