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string(14) "Monday,+May+17"

Monday, May 17

string(14) "Hidden+crises+"

Hidden crises

string(334) "Your+lack+of+concentration+makes+things+problematic+for+you.+However+hard+you+try,+you+find+it+difficult+to+keep+promises.+Ask+yourself+why+this+is+and+if+it’s+because+you+are+distracted+by+personal+problems+which+you+can't+stop+thinking+about,+even+when+at+work,+don't+avoid+this+challenge,+instead+get+to+the+heart+of+the+matter!+"

Your lack of concentration makes things problematic for you. However hard you try, you find it difficult to keep promises. Ask yourself why this is and if it?s because you are distracted by personal problems which you can't stop thinking about, even when at work, don't avoid this challenge, instead get to the heart of the matter!

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