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string(19) "Monday,+February+24"

Monday, February 24

string(10) "New+start+"

New start

string(350) "There+are+many+opportunities+for+entirely+new+developments.+If+you+take+the+ideas+of+colleague+and+friends+seriously,+you’re+able+to+draw+on+original+solutions+from+the+suggestions+they+make.+Changes+abound+in+your+personal+life+too,+welcome+new+people+with+open+arms,+you+notice+friendships+develop+which+add+much+to+connections+you+have+already.+"

There are many opportunities for entirely new developments. If you take the ideas of colleague and friends seriously, you’re able to draw on original solutions from the suggestions they make. Changes abound in your personal life too, welcome new people with open arms, you notice friendships develop which add much to connections you have already.

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