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string(21) "Wednesday,+January+24"

Wednesday, January 24

string(18) "Readiness+to+help+"

Readiness to help

string(352) "Your+generosity+is+there+for+all+to+see.+This+kindness+does+not+always+have+to+be+in+the+form+of+material+things.+You’re+especially+generous+with+the+approval+and+love+you+give+to+others,+who+are+encouraged+by+your+praise+and+compliments,+in+turn+creating+a+pleasant+atmosphere+that+has+a+relaxing+effect+as+well,+which+you+find+extremely+rewarding.+"

Your generosity is there for all to see. This kindness does not always have to be in the form of material things. You’re especially generous with the approval and love you give to others, who are encouraged by your praise and compliments, in turn creating a pleasant atmosphere that has a relaxing effect as well, which you find extremely rewarding.

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