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string(14) "Friday,+July+1"

Friday, July 1

string(12) "Expect+less+"

Expect less

string(359) "With+the+time,+you+have+at+your+disposal;+it’s+almost+impossible+to+do+all+the+things+you+have+promised+to+do.+Slow+down+a+little.+Otherwise,+you+create+even+more+work+for+others.+Additionally,+in+your+relationships,+your+expectations+are+too+high.+Rethink+any+unrealistic+ambitions+and+make+your+plans+known+if+you+want+to+avoid+any+confusion+or+argument.+"

With the time, you have at your disposal; it?s almost impossible to do all the things you have promised to do. Slow down a little. Otherwise, you create even more work for others. Additionally, in your relationships, your expectations are too high. Rethink any unrealistic ambitions and make your plans known if you want to avoid any confusion or argument.

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