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string(16) "Friday,+April+19"

Friday, April 19

string(16) "Inquisitiveness+"


string(323) "You+are+hungry+for+information+that+helps+you+become+more+knowledgeable+and+improves+your+considerable+abilities,+not+only+to+take+it+all+in+but+to+put+what+you+have+understood+into+action.+As+a+result,+you+easily+express+what+you’ve+learned+and+are+sure+to+consider+others+needs+too,+in+your+quest+for+self-improvement.+"

You are hungry for information that helps you become more knowledgeable and improves your considerable abilities, not only to take it all in but to put what you have understood into action. As a result, you easily express what you’ve learned and are sure to consider others needs too, in your quest for self-improvement.

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