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string(20) "Friday,+September+17"

Friday, September 17

string(12) "Tough+going+"

Tough going

string(367) "Try+to+behave+as+modestly+as+you+can,+and+act+in+an+authoritative+way,+otherwise+potential+partners+and+team-mates+find+it+difficult+to+trust+in+your+abilities,+or+respond+to+you+in+the+positive+way+you+desire.+In+your+personal+life,+try+to+avoid+delicate+topics+that+only+worsen+an+already+tense+situation+existing+between+you+and+the+love+ones+you’re+closest+to.+"

Try to behave as modestly as you can, and act in an authoritative way, otherwise potential partners and team-mates find it difficult to trust in your abilities, or respond to you in the positive way you desire. In your personal life, try to avoid delicate topics that only worsen an already tense situation existing between you and the love ones you?re closest to.

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