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string(16) "Monday,+March+30"

Monday, March 30

string(19) "Relaxed+atmosphere+"

Relaxed atmosphere

string(357) "Pent-up+tensions+disappear,+you+remain+calm+even+when+dealing+with+unexpected+setbacks+which+help+resolve+any+misunderstandings+or+uncertainties.+You+give+a+needed+boost+to+important+relationships+and+reinvigorate+any+ones+that+exist,+or+you’ve+neglected.+Regularly+showing+appreciation+of+those+you+care+about+most,+you+give+them+an+extraordinary+treat.+"

Pent-up tensions disappear, you remain calm even when dealing with unexpected setbacks which help resolve any misunderstandings or uncertainties. You give a needed boost to important relationships and reinvigorate any ones that exist, or you’ve neglected. Regularly showing appreciation of those you care about most, you give them an extraordinary treat.

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