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string(19) "Monday,+December+10"

Monday, December 10

string(18) "Come+to+decisions+"

Come to decisions

string(345) "Stronger,+both+mentally+and+physically,+this+is+an+ideal+time+to+make+difficult+decisions+you+have+previously+pushed+to+one+side.+Take+the+necessary+time+you+need,+to+carefully+think+about+and+go+over+every+detail+that+concerns+you+before+concluding.+Once+you’ve+made+up+your+mind,+don’t+question+your+conclusions+stick+to+what+you+decided.+"

Stronger, both mentally and physically, this is an ideal time to make difficult decisions you have previously pushed to one side. Take the necessary time you need, to carefully think about and go over every detail that concerns you before concluding. Once you’ve made up your mind, don’t question your conclusions stick to what you decided.

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