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string(19) "Wednesday,+April+17"

Wednesday, April 17

string(21) "Deepen+relationships+"

Deepen relationships

string(351) "An+opportunity+exists+to+make+new+friends+or+strengthen+existing+relationships,+your+good+mood+helps+create+a+pleasant,+memorable+experience+for+everyone+you+encounter.+You+get+on+wonderfully+well+with+your+partner,+your+happiness+and+understanding+leads+you+to+appreciate+each+other+even+more,+opening+possibilities+that+deepen+the+love+between+you.+"

An opportunity exists to make new friends or strengthen existing relationships, your good mood helps create a pleasant, memorable experience for everyone you encounter. You get on wonderfully well with your partner, your happiness and understanding leads you to appreciate each other even more, opening possibilities that deepen the love between you.

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