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string(14) "Friday,+June+9"

Friday, June 9

string(16) "Solid+as+a+rock+"

Solid as a rock

string(352) "Since+you+display+a+special+ability+that+demonstrates+you're+totally+in+command,+people+turn+to+you+for+help+and+support.+Use+this+energy+to+assist+others;+later+they’re+likely+to+return+kindnesses+when+you+need+a+helping+hand.+In+the+process+make+sure+you+don’t+lose+sight+of+your+goals,+you+have+the+power+to+achieve+them,+make+sure+that+you+do.+"

Since you display a special ability that demonstrates you're totally in command, people turn to you for help and support. Use this energy to assist others; later they?re likely to return kindnesses when you need a helping hand. In the process make sure you don?t lose sight of your goals, you have the power to achieve them, make sure that you do.

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