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string(18) "Friday,+October+18"

Friday, October 18

string(13) "Rally+forces+"

Rally forces

string(369) "Past+tensions+fade+away+and+eventually+disappear+and+with+a+new+phase,+there+is+a+shift+in+the+attitude+you+adopt+or+a+rearrangement+that+brings+considerable+satisfaction+-+a+sharing+of+responsibilities+or+far-reaching+changes.+It+required+a+lot+of+energy+and+effort+on+your+part+to+get+this+far,+take+some+time+off+go+to+relax,+go+for+a+swim,+it+has+a+calming+effect.+"

Past tensions fade away and eventually disappear and with a new phase, there is a shift in the attitude you adopt or a rearrangement that brings considerable satisfaction - a sharing of responsibilities or far-reaching changes. It required a lot of energy and effort on your part to get this far, take some time off go to relax, go for a swim, it has a calming effect.

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