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string(20) "Saturday,+February+4"

Saturday, February 4

string(22) "Effective+cooperation+"

Effective cooperation

string(361) "Any+collaboration+you+make+happen+is+particularly+effective.+Your+aims+are+in+accord+with+those+people+around+you,+so+use+this+promising+outlook+and+the+clear+understanding+that's+available+to+you+to+complete+any+group+undertaking+in+which+you’re+involved.+Private+as+well+as+business+talks+you+undertake+are+satisfying+and+also+likely+to+be+very+productive.+"

Any collaboration you make happen is particularly effective. Your aims are in accord with those people around you, so use this promising outlook and the clear understanding that's available to you to complete any group undertaking in which you?re involved. Private as well as business talks you undertake are satisfying and also likely to be very productive.

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