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string(19) "Thursday,+August+22"

Thursday, August 22

string(14) "New+direction+"

New direction

string(352) "You+feel+a+strong+urge+to+relinquish+the+past+and+head+in+a+new+direction.+You+effectively+communicate+your+ideas+to+others+who+seem+more+than+willing+to+go+along+with+your+plans.+Certain+people+however+need+further+encouragement+in+order+to+be+convinced,+and+the+conversations+you+have+help+you+with+your+deliberations+and+resolve+outstanding+issues.+"

You feel a strong urge to relinquish the past and head in a new direction. You effectively communicate your ideas to others who seem more than willing to go along with your plans. Certain people however need further encouragement in order to be convinced, and the conversations you have help you with your deliberations and resolve outstanding issues.

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