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string(14) "Friday,+June+9"

Friday, June 9

string(10) "Agreement+"


string(343) "The+hectic+pace+of+recent+events+slows+down+and+provides+you+with+a+good+opportunity+to+improve+your+relationships.+Your+relaxed+manner+makes+you+popular,+and+potential+partners+react+positively+towards+you.+Physically+you+feel+even+stronger+and+can+take+part+in+new+recreational+activities+and+importantly+spend+time+with+like-minded+people.+"

The hectic pace of recent events slows down and provides you with a good opportunity to improve your relationships. Your relaxed manner makes you popular, and potential partners react positively towards you. Physically you feel even stronger and can take part in new recreational activities and importantly spend time with like-minded people.

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