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string(19) "Monday,+February+24"

Monday, February 24

string(16) "Sense+of+beauty+"

Sense of beauty

string(367) "You+feel+an+irresistible+attraction+to+all+things+beautiful.+Perhaps+you’re+inspired+and+reveal+imaginative+qualities+in+yourself+that+you’re+able+to+make+a+reality+or+you+happen+to+meet+person+you+find+attractive+who+takes+your+breath+away.+Dare+to+look+behind+the+facade+for+flaws,+flawed+beauty+is+often+true+beauty+but+you+have+to+look+deeply+to+discover+it.+"

You feel an irresistible attraction to all things beautiful. Perhaps you’re inspired and reveal imaginative qualities in yourself that you’re able to make a reality or you happen to meet person you find attractive who takes your breath away. Dare to look behind the facade for flaws, flawed beauty is often true beauty but you have to look deeply to discover it.

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