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string(16) "Thursday,+May+23"

Thursday, May 23

string(15) "Make+decisions+"

Make decisions

string(357) "You+make+the+decision+you’ve+been+putting+off+for+some+considerable+time,+you+instinctively+decide+what+is+right+for+yourself+and+your+family+and+more+likely+than+not+make+the+correct+choice.+You+may+decide+to+start+out+in+a+direction+that+fundamentally+changes+your+life,+a+definite+decision+to+leave+the+things+behind+that+no+longer+serve+your+purpose.+"

You make the decision you?ve been putting off for some considerable time, you instinctively decide what is right for yourself and your family and more likely than not make the correct choice. You may decide to start out in a direction that fundamentally changes your life, a definite decision to leave the things behind that no longer serve your purpose.

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