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string(16) "Tuesday,+June+22"

Tuesday, June 22

string(20) "Letting+yourself+go+"

Letting yourself go

string(367) "Feeling+lazy+it+could+be+you’re+overworked+or+just+can't+be+bothered.+Stop+making+excuses;+sometimes+it’s+easy+to+forget+that+it's+not+just+about+you,+your+friends+may+be+disappointed+and+feel+let+down+by+your+attitude.+It+seems+you’re+only+interested+in+yourself+but+expect+consideration+from+everyone+else.+Pull+yourself+together,+show+them+this+is+not+true.+"

Feeling lazy it could be you?re overworked or just can't be bothered. Stop making excuses; sometimes it?s easy to forget that it's not just about you, your friends may be disappointed and feel let down by your attitude. It seems you?re only interested in yourself but expect consideration from everyone else. Pull yourself together, show them this is not true.

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