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string(20) "Friday,+September+17"

Friday, September 17

string(11) "Antagonism+"


string(381) "Your+active+mind+is+looking+for+challenges,+an+adversary+to+defy+and+pit+your+wits+against.+As+long+as+they+think+in+the+same+way+and+see+it+as+a+game,+you+can+continue+to+play.+You+consider+it+possible+for+most+innocent+games+to+turn+into+a+war,+especially+if+both+sides+want+to+win+at+all+costs,+therefore,+you+hold+back+before+it+gets+too+rough,+so+no+one+ends+up+getting+hurt.+"

Your active mind is looking for challenges, an adversary to defy and pit your wits against. As long as they think in the same way and see it as a game, you can continue to play. You consider it possible for most innocent games to turn into a war, especially if both sides want to win at all costs, therefore, you hold back before it gets too rough, so no one ends up getting hurt.

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