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string(19) "Tuesday,+October+23"

Tuesday, October 23

string(20) "Emotional+outbursts+"

Emotional outbursts

string(375) "You+need+to+think+your+decisions+through+carefully.+Otherwise,+you+are+likely+to+act+impulsively+which+you+later+regret.+Fixated+on+success,+you+must+stop+pushing+your+way+to+the+front,+since+others+may+one+day+pay+you+back+for+achieving+your+ambitions+at+the+expense+of+their+own+progress.+In+relationships,+this+reckless+tendency+is+noticeable,+instead+be+more+restrained.+"

You need to think your decisions through carefully. Otherwise, you are likely to act impulsively which you later regret. Fixated on success, you must stop pushing your way to the front, since others may one day pay you back for achieving your ambitions at the expense of their own progress. In relationships, this reckless tendency is noticeable, instead be more restrained.

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