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string(16) "Friday,+April+19"

Friday, April 19

string(17) "No+more+dreaming+"

No more dreaming

string(358) "Eventually,+any+idealist+or+builder+of+impractical+dreams+must+wake+up+and+confront+the+challenge+of+turning+their+dreams+into+reality.+The+only+proof+of+credibility+is+whether+your+plans+have+solid+foundations+and+can+be+carried+through.+If+you+continue+to+indulge+in+unrealistic+dreams,+you+miss+an+important+opportunity+and+waste+your+valuable+resources.+"

Eventually, any idealist or builder of impractical dreams must wake up and confront the challenge of turning their dreams into reality. The only proof of credibility is whether your plans have solid foundations and can be carried through. If you continue to indulge in unrealistic dreams, you miss an important opportunity and waste your valuable resources.

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