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string(22) "Thursday,+September+29"

Thursday, September 29

string(21) "Questionable+conduct+"

Questionable conduct

string(364) "You’re+involved+in+frequent+conversations+but+unfortunately+you+tend+to+push+yourself+forward+at+the+expense+of+others,+not+on+purpose,+but+in+a+particularly+annoying+way.+Take+a+step+back+occasionally,+look+at+things+from+the+viewpoint+of+an+unbiased+observer.+You’re+then+able+to+see+clearly+the+affect+you+have+on+others+and+alter+your+conduct+accordingly.+"

You?re involved in frequent conversations but unfortunately you tend to push yourself forward at the expense of others, not on purpose, but in a particularly annoying way. Take a step back occasionally, look at things from the viewpoint of an unbiased observer. You?re then able to see clearly the affect you have on others and alter your conduct accordingly.

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