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string(16) "Monday,+March+30"

Monday, March 30

string(11) "Heavy+load+"

Heavy load

string(364) "Faced+with+a+lot+of+problems,+you+need+to+deal+with+them+methodically,+one+by+one,+otherwise+difficulties+only+continue+to+mount.+Come+up+with+a+strategy+for+dealing+with+work+related+and+personal+issues+without+using+up+all+your+energy.+Don't+spend+precious+time+pondering+what+to+do;+every+day+that+passes+is+a+day+lost.+It’s+time+to+confront+matters+head-on!+"

Faced with a lot of problems, you need to deal with them methodically, one by one, otherwise difficulties only continue to mount. Come up with a strategy for dealing with work related and personal issues without using up all your energy. Don't spend precious time pondering what to do; every day that passes is a day lost. It’s time to confront matters head-on!

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