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string(15) "Monday,+June+24"

Monday, June 24

string(14) "Lucky+in+love+"

Lucky in love

string(361) "Being+in+a+great+mood,+you+let+everyone+know+how+you+feel+and+they+recognize+your+zest+for+life+is+genuine.+You+inspire+those+you’re+close+to+with+your+imagination+and+openness,+and+the+pleasant+atmosphere+you+create+benefits+them+all.+If+single,+your+flirtatiousness,+charm+and+easy-going+manner+are+attractive+to+any+potential+love+interest+on+the+horizon.+"

Being in a great mood, you let everyone know how you feel and they recognize your zest for life is genuine. You inspire those you?re close to with your imagination and openness, and the pleasant atmosphere you create benefits them all. If single, your flirtatiousness, charm and easy-going manner are attractive to any potential love interest on the horizon.

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