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string(18) "Friday,+December+6"

Friday, December 6

string(13) "Trying+times+"

Trying times

string(359) "You+find+it+difficult+to+undertake+any+task+in+a+well-thought-out+way;+your+impulsiveness+is+too+much+for+people+close+to+you.+Remain+calm;+even+if+you+find+this+difficult,+and+carefully+consider+the+way+you're+behaving,+such+unpredictable+conduct+is+upsetting+the+people+you+care+about+most.+Avoid+disputes+by+keeping+to+yourself;+a+long+walk+does+you+good.+"

You find it difficult to undertake any task in a well-thought-out way; your impulsiveness is too much for people close to you. Remain calm; even if you find this difficult, and carefully consider the way you're behaving, such unpredictable conduct is upsetting the people you care about most. Avoid disputes by keeping to yourself; a long walk does you good.

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