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string(14) "Friday,+July+1"

Friday, July 1

string(14) "Turning+point+"

Turning point

string(349) "When+changes+take+place+in+your+life,+don't+shy+away,+instead+welcome+them+with+open+arms.+You+meet+new+people+with+whom+you+enjoy+meaningful+relationships.+On+the+career+front,+you+face+up+to+new+challenges+without+being+fearful;+luck+is+on+your+side.+When+confronted+by+certain+situations+consider+them+as+an+opportunity+for+personal+development.+"

When changes take place in your life, don't shy away, instead welcome them with open arms. You meet new people with whom you enjoy meaningful relationships. On the career front, you face up to new challenges without being fearful; luck is on your side. When confronted by certain situations consider them as an opportunity for personal development.

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