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string(16) "Tuesday,+June+22"

Tuesday, June 22

string(21) "Make+new+connections+"

Make new connections

string(350) "You+have+decided+on+a+new+direction+and+are+proceeding+in+a+somewhat+reticent+manner+towards+your+ambitious+plans.+Say+goodbye+to+your+past+way+of+doing+things+and+make+new+connections+instead.+Don't+forget+friends+but+concentrate+your+energy+on+what+lies+before+you.+Utilize+both+old+and+new+acquaintances+to+help+on+your+new-found+path+to+success.+"

You have decided on a new direction and are proceeding in a somewhat reticent manner towards your ambitious plans. Say goodbye to your past way of doing things and make new connections instead. Don't forget friends but concentrate your energy on what lies before you. Utilize both old and new acquaintances to help on your new-found path to success.

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