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string(21) "Wednesday,+October+28"

Wednesday, October 28

string(20) "Tackle+new+subjects+"

Tackle new subjects

string(342) "You+apply+yourself+to+a+subject+that+has+stimulated+your+interest+over+a+sustained+period.+It’s+easier+for+you+to+obtain+the+necessary+focus+you+need+and+you’re+more+motivated+than+you+have+ever+been+before.+Use+this+new-found+enthusiasm+and+concentrate+on+making+contacts+to+solve+any+outstanding+issues+needed+for+a+successful+outcome.+"

You apply yourself to a subject that has stimulated your interest over a sustained period. It’s easier for you to obtain the necessary focus you need and you’re more motivated than you have ever been before. Use this new-found enthusiasm and concentrate on making contacts to solve any outstanding issues needed for a successful outcome.

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