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string(18) "Tuesday,+August+11"

Tuesday, August 11

string(10) "Happiness+"


string(327) "Your+happy+and+relaxed+outlook+helps+to+create+a+positive+impression,+visits+may+well+be+on+the+agenda+and+adds+to+your+popularity,+or+it+may+be+necessary+to+use+such+visits+to+improve+your+relationships+with+close+friends+or+loved+ones.+Giving+a+gift+that+shows+how+much+you+care+or+a+special+treat+is+something+you+consider.+"

Your happy and relaxed outlook helps to create a positive impression, visits may well be on the agenda and adds to your popularity, or it may be necessary to use such visits to improve your relationships with close friends or loved ones. Giving a gift that shows how much you care or a special treat is something you consider.

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