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string(19) "Monday,+November+29"

Monday, November 29

string(22) "Efforts+Bring+Rewards+"

Efforts Bring Rewards

string(362) "Being+motivated,+you+can+easily+turn+your+ideas+into+reality.+Your+considerable+effort+enables+you+to+make+especially+good+use+of+your+talents+and+abilities.+Consequently,+recognition+for+suggesting+such+an+approach+is+likely,+and+you+attract+help+that+brings+it+into+reality.+Deserving+a+prize+for+all+your+effort,+so+spoil+yourself+in+ways,+only+you+know+how.+"

Being motivated, you can easily turn your ideas into reality. Your considerable effort enables you to make especially good use of your talents and abilities. Consequently, recognition for suggesting such an approach is likely, and you attract help that brings it into reality. Deserving a prize for all your effort, so spoil yourself in ways, only you know how.

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