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string(14) "Friday,+June+9"

Friday, June 9

string(13) "A+lovely+day+"

A lovely day

string(293) "In+your+free+time,+the+activities+you’re+involved+in+provide+you+with+pleasure+and+are+gratifying+experiences.+You’re+able+to+put+the+people+you+love+at+ease,+and+they+show+their+appreciation.+As+a+result,+your+relationships+flourish,+especially+the+most+intimate,+become+more+passionate.+"

In your free time, the activities you?re involved in provide you with pleasure and are gratifying experiences. You?re able to put the people you love at ease, and they show their appreciation. As a result, your relationships flourish, especially the most intimate, become more passionate.

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