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string(22) "Thursday,+September+29"

Thursday, September 29

string(21) "Glowing+cheerfulness+"

Glowing cheerfulness

string(349) "You+radiate+warm+feelings+and+are+approachable;+people+appreciate+this,+and+if+you+have+a+partner+they+return+the+affection+you+show.+Use+this+time+to+do+something+unusual+–+that+you’re+unlikely+to+forget.+If+single,+you+can+use+your+sensitive+manner+to+assist+others;+the+empathy+you+demonstrate+to+those+you+care+for+has+a+stimulating+effect.+"

You radiate warm feelings and are approachable; people appreciate this, and if you have a partner they return the affection you show. Use this time to do something unusual ? that you?re unlikely to forget. If single, you can use your sensitive manner to assist others; the empathy you demonstrate to those you care for has a stimulating effect.

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