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string(22) "Wednesday,+February+28"

Wednesday, February 28

string(18) "Remaining+Patient+"

Remaining Patient

string(353) "Genuine+patience+is+required.+Even+if+you+are+involved+in+heated+debates,+keep+a+cool+head.+Otherwise,+you+might+upset+prior+plans+with+your+careless+words.+Misunderstandings+easily+arise,+so+you+must+hold+back+and+act+impartially,+not+aggressively.+Physical+activities+help+release+some+of+your+pent-up+aggression,+make+sure+you+drink+plenty+of+water.+"

Genuine patience is required. Even if you are involved in heated debates, keep a cool head. Otherwise, you might upset prior plans with your careless words. Misunderstandings easily arise, so you must hold back and act impartially, not aggressively. Physical activities help release some of your pent-up aggression, make sure you drink plenty of water.

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