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string(18) "Saturday,+April+17"

Saturday, April 17

string(16) "Unsettled+phase+"

Unsettled phase

string(359) "Your+friends+and+your+work+colleagues+find+you+irritating+and+are+easily+provoked+by+your+attempts+at+being+aggressive.+All+this+stems+from+the+inner+turmoil+you+feel+but+don't+be+too+disappointed+if+some+things+go+wrong,+instead+put+off+big+plans+until+you+regain+your+equilibrium+and+trust+in+the+positive+influence+of+your+partner+or+someone+close+to+you.+"

Your friends and your work colleagues find you irritating and are easily provoked by your attempts at being aggressive. All this stems from the inner turmoil you feel but don't be too disappointed if some things go wrong, instead put off big plans until you regain your equilibrium and trust in the positive influence of your partner or someone close to you.

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