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string(18) "Friday,+October+18"

Friday, October 18

string(16) "Pursuit+of+Fame+"

Pursuit of Fame

string(299) "Your+relentless+quest+for+success+and+fame+can+eventually+undermine+you.+Don’t+neglect+the+people+who+are+important+to+you,+otherwise+unwelcome+conflicts+and+misunderstandings+arise.+Set+aside+the+time+you+need+for+your+body+to+recuperate,+making+sure+that+you+relax+and+get+enough+regular+sleep.+"

Your relentless quest for success and fame can eventually undermine you. Don’t neglect the people who are important to you, otherwise unwelcome conflicts and misunderstandings arise. Set aside the time you need for your body to recuperate, making sure that you relax and get enough regular sleep.

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