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string(16) "Tuesday,+June+22"

Tuesday, June 22

string(15) "Good+intuition+"

Good intuition

string(356) "Acutely+aware+of+your+own+needs,+this+certainly+helps+you+appreciate+what's+important,+enabling+you+to+focus+on+turning+long-term+dreams+into+reality+on+the+home+front+as+well+as+at+work.+Longing+for+an+active+social+life,+don’t+take+on+too+much,+instead+cultivate+an+approach+to+the+friendships+you’re+more+able+to+cope+with,+do+things+in+moderation.+"

Acutely aware of your own needs, this certainly helps you appreciate what's important, enabling you to focus on turning long-term dreams into reality on the home front as well as at work. Longing for an active social life, don?t take on too much, instead cultivate an approach to the friendships you?re more able to cope with, do things in moderation.

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