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string(21) "Wednesday,+January+24"

Wednesday, January 24

string(14) "A+strong+team+"

A strong team

string(354) "Consider+how+this+extremely+positive+and+motivating+period+can+continue+to+inspire+team+spirit+and+mutual+give+and+take.+It’s+certainly+a+good+time+for+planning+any+get+together.+However,+don’t+allow+your+sociability+to+prevent+you+from+occasionally+taking+a+break+to+recover+your+composure,+so+you+can+give+others+your+full+attention+when+required.+"

Consider how this extremely positive and motivating period can continue to inspire team spirit and mutual give and take. It’s certainly a good time for planning any get together. However, don’t allow your sociability to prevent you from occasionally taking a break to recover your composure, so you can give others your full attention when required.

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