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string(15) "Monday,+July+15"

Monday, July 15

string(9) "Eventful+"


string(323) "Positive+experiences+come+your+way;+you’re+up+for+participating+in+meaningful+and+exciting+events.+You+have+a+knack+with+people;+you+approach+them+openly+and+are+likely+to+meet+interesting+types+in+this+way.+Enjoy+your+life+whatever+transpires,+and+remain+open+to+anything+that+fate+decrees,+and+is+willing+to+offer+you.+"

Positive experiences come your way; you?re up for participating in meaningful and exciting events. You have a knack with people; you approach them openly and are likely to meet interesting types in this way. Enjoy your life whatever transpires, and remain open to anything that fate decrees, and is willing to offer you.

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