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string(19) "Monday,+December+10"

Monday, December 10

string(18) "Richness+of+ideas+"

Richness of ideas

string(320) "Many+promising+ideas+run+through+your+head.+However,+you+lack+the+concentration+and+ability+to+make+proper+decisions+about+the+way+to+use+many+of+them.+Try+to+concentrate+on+just+one+and+put+that+idea+into+practice.+If+you+find+that+ideas+persist+and+distract+you,+note+them+down,+and+come+back+to+them+at+a+later+date.+"

Many promising ideas run through your head. However, you lack the concentration and ability to make proper decisions about the way to use many of them. Try to concentrate on just one and put that idea into practice. If you find that ideas persist and distract you, note them down, and come back to them at a later date.

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