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string(20) "Friday,+September+17"

Friday, September 17

string(14) "Full+of+ideas+"

Full of ideas

string(336) "You+have+a+lot+of+ideas+spinning+in+your+head,+and+only+hold+onto+a+few,+let+alone+being+able+to+put+them+into+effect.+Your+mind+is+working+faster+than+you+speak+or+can+keep+pace+with;+other+people+don't+appreciate+this+since+they+want+to+hear+clear+statements+and+see+results.+Try+to+concentrate+on+one+thing,+and+write+down+the+rest.+"

You have a lot of ideas spinning in your head, and only hold onto a few, let alone being able to put them into effect. Your mind is working faster than you speak or can keep pace with; other people don't appreciate this since they want to hear clear statements and see results. Try to concentrate on one thing, and write down the rest.

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