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string(18) "Sunday,+January+19"

Sunday, January 19

string(21) "Dangerous+directness+"

Dangerous directness

string(359) "You+need+to+insure+you’re+not+so+forceful+when+you+demand+to+get+your+own+way.+Not+only+in+your+personal+life+but+at+work+as+well+you+sometimes+take+advantage+of+situations+to+make+progress+at+the+others+expense,+leading+to+arguments+that+it’s+far+preferable+to+avoid,+what+you+say+lands+you+in+trouble,+hold+back+instead+try+harder+not+to+cause+offence.+"

You need to insure you’re not so forceful when you demand to get your own way. Not only in your personal life but at work as well you sometimes take advantage of situations to make progress at the others expense, leading to arguments that it’s far preferable to avoid, what you say lands you in trouble, hold back instead try harder not to cause offence.

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