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string(16) "Friday,+April+19"

Friday, April 19

string(14) "Realize+Plans+"

Realize Plans

string(359) "You+find+thought-provoking+plans+stimulating,+and+your+alert+mind+allows+you+to+understand+things+which+to+others+might+not+be+obvious.+However,+they+now+respond+positively+to+your+suggestions,+and+if+you+want,+can+help+you+to+realize+the+plans+you+have+for+your+working+and+personal+life,+this+is+especially+true+where+your+health+and+fitness+are+concerned.+"

You find thought-provoking plans stimulating, and your alert mind allows you to understand things which to others might not be obvious. However, they now respond positively to your suggestions, and if you want, can help you to realize the plans you have for your working and personal life, this is especially true where your health and fitness are concerned.

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