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string(19) "Thursday,+August+22"

Thursday, August 22

string(17) "Use+your+empathy+"

Use your empathy

string(340) "Those+that+are+close+to+you+appreciate+the+way+you+show+such+composure+and+sensitivity+when+dealing+with+complicated+issues.+Great+self-confidence,+together+with+your+shrewd+and+business-like+ways+can+settle+any+outstanding+matters,+and+consequently,+you+never+hesitate+from+letting+those+in+influential+positions+know+how+capable+you+are.+"

Those that are close to you appreciate the way you show such composure and sensitivity when dealing with complicated issues. Great self-confidence, together with your shrewd and business-like ways can settle any outstanding matters, and consequently, you never hesitate from letting those in influential positions know how capable you are.

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