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string(18) "Friday,+December+6"

Friday, December 6

string(10) "New+ideas+"

New ideas

string(358) "Throw+off+hindrances+from+the+past,+use+this+freed-up+mental+energy+to+begin+new+projects+and+develop+a+more+creative+approach.+Don't+be+afraid+to+start+afresh+in+personal+relationships,+revive+friendships+instead+and+rid+yourself+of+long-standing+encumbrances.+This+may+cause+some+confusion+at+first+but+eventually+pays+off,+your+inner+sense+of+calm+helps.+"

Throw off hindrances from the past, use this freed-up mental energy to begin new projects and develop a more creative approach. Don't be afraid to start afresh in personal relationships, revive friendships instead and rid yourself of long-standing encumbrances. This may cause some confusion at first but eventually pays off, your inner sense of calm helps.

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