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string(14) "Friday,+June+9"

Friday, June 9

string(7) "Let+go+"

Let go

string(346) "You're+not+getting+as+much+done+as+you+need+to,+and+letting+things+slide.+Although+this+makes+you+popular+and+fun+to+spend+time+with,+you+let+some+people+down+when+they+need+a+more+practical+involvement,+or+when+problems+need+to+be+solved.+Or+else,+instead+of+getting+important+things+done,+you’re+far+too+easily+distracted+by+trivial+matters.+"

You're not getting as much done as you need to, and letting things slide. Although this makes you popular and fun to spend time with, you let some people down when they need a more practical involvement, or when problems need to be solved. Or else, instead of getting important things done, you?re far too easily distracted by trivial matters.

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