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string(16) "Monday,+March+30"

Monday, March 30

string(18) "Physical+activity+"

Physical activity

string(353) "Although+you'd+rather+not+do+any+exercise+and+prefer+to+socialize+or+just+laze+around,+you+need+to+look+after+your+physical+well-being.+Motivate+yourself+by+thinking+about+the+diversion+it+provides.+Visit+a+new+fitness+studio+and+take+up+a+group+activity;+in+this+way,+you+meet+new+people+and+socializing+with+them+afterward+rounds+off+your+experience.+"

Although you'd rather not do any exercise and prefer to socialize or just laze around, you need to look after your physical well-being. Motivate yourself by thinking about the diversion it provides. Visit a new fitness studio and take up a group activity; in this way, you meet new people and socializing with them afterward rounds off your experience.

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