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string(19) "Wednesday,+April+17"

Wednesday, April 17

string(14) "Avoid+changes+"

Avoid changes

string(367) "Don’t+let+yourself+be+affected+by+anything+different,+or+get+yourself+in+a+situation+you+find+stressful.+Instead+find+a+quiet+place+for+yourself,+where+you+can+relax+away+from+the+commotion+of+everyday+life.+If+possible,+avoid+new+people+or+places+and+put+off+activities+that+involve+you+in+pressurized+situations+or+changes+that+take+you+out+of+your+comfort+zone.+"

Don?t let yourself be affected by anything different, or get yourself in a situation you find stressful. Instead find a quiet place for yourself, where you can relax away from the commotion of everyday life. If possible, avoid new people or places and put off activities that involve you in pressurized situations or changes that take you out of your comfort zone.

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