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string(16) "Tuesday,+June+22"

Tuesday, June 22

string(14) "Force+Nothing+"

Force Nothing

string(315) "You+must+realize+that+you+cannot+force+issues.+So,+don’t+waste+time+chasing+after+things+that+ultimately+do+not+meet+your+needs.+You’re+inclined+to+act+brashly+without+considering+the+implications+for+the+people+you+value+most.+It’s+a+good+idea+to+take+a+long+walk+to+set+goals+you+can+realistically+achieve.+"

You must realize that you cannot force issues. So, don?t waste time chasing after things that ultimately do not meet your needs. You?re inclined to act brashly without considering the implications for the people you value most. It?s a good idea to take a long walk to set goals you can realistically achieve.

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