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string(20) "Saturday,+February+4"

Saturday, February 4

string(10) "Moodiness+"


string(367) "Even+though+you’re+a+well-balanced+person,+you+notice+your+feelings+fluctuate+a+great+deal.+Don't+be+too+upset+by+mood+swings,+make+the+most+of+any+positive+feelings+when+something+turns+out+well+and+let+others+share+in+your+pleasure.+If+things+don’t+go+too+well,+it’s+best+to+stay+out+of+people’s+way+and+find+a+quiet+place+to+think+about+just+how+you+feel.+"

Even though you?re a well-balanced person, you notice your feelings fluctuate a great deal. Don't be too upset by mood swings, make the most of any positive feelings when something turns out well and let others share in your pleasure. If things don?t go too well, it?s best to stay out of people?s way and find a quiet place to think about just how you feel.

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