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string(21) "Wednesday,+January+19"

Wednesday, January 19

string(29) "Inspiration+Through+Contacts+"

Inspiration Through Contacts

string(342) "Make+plans,+but+remain+open+to+guidance+and+suggestions+which+others+make.+Eventually,+you+can+add+the+finishing+touches+as+required.+Shared+activities+or+trips+could+help+to+expand+your+horizons+and+help+make+new+contacts.+Don't+be+shy+of+confrontation,+or+rebuff+constructive+criticism.+Otherwise,+any+exchange+of+views+is+a+waste+of+time.+"

Make plans, but remain open to guidance and suggestions which others make. Eventually, you can add the finishing touches as required. Shared activities or trips could help to expand your horizons and help make new contacts. Don't be shy of confrontation, or rebuff constructive criticism. Otherwise, any exchange of views is a waste of time.

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