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string(14) "Sunday,+May+16"

Sunday, May 16

string(22) "Cultivate+friendships+"

Cultivate friendships

string(357) "You+feel+optimistic+especially+when+meeting+others;+you’re+relaxed+and+charming.+These+are+ideal+conditions+for+friendships+and+creating+new+ones.+You+can+be+adventurous,+get+out+and+meet+people.+At+work,+your+approach+to+meetings+and+discussions+is+productive.+In+your+personal+life,+you+are+most+in+your+element+when+socializing+with+a+group+of+people.+"

You feel optimistic especially when meeting others; you?re relaxed and charming. These are ideal conditions for friendships and creating new ones. You can be adventurous, get out and meet people. At work, your approach to meetings and discussions is productive. In your personal life, you are most in your element when socializing with a group of people.

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