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string(20) "Monday,+September+25"

Monday, September 25

string(29) "Keep+your+feet+on+the+ground+"

Keep your feet on the ground

string(340) "You’re+easily+irritated+and+tend+to+fly+off+the+handle+when+things+don't+go+how+you+want+or+when+somebody+has+a+difference+of+opinion.+Hold+yourself+back,+channel+your+energy+into+more+sensible+options+rather+than+confrontations.+Otherwise,+you+encounter+only+opposition,+enemies+and+more+barriers+than+you+can+cope+with+in+the+long+run.+"

You?re easily irritated and tend to fly off the handle when things don't go how you want or when somebody has a difference of opinion. Hold yourself back, channel your energy into more sensible options rather than confrontations. Otherwise, you encounter only opposition, enemies and more barriers than you can cope with in the long run.

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