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string(22) "Wednesday,+February+28"

Wednesday, February 28

string(16) "Avoid+Conflicts+"

Avoid Conflicts

string(316) "Take+care+to+avoid+disputes,+step+back+and+consider+the+best+approach.+Otherwise,+you+may+inadvertently+say+or+do+something+that+you+later+regret,+finding+it+difficult+to+put+right.+You+believe+you+can+achieve+a+lot,+but+you+must+control+these+difficult+feelings,+or+else+you+become+involved+in+pointless+arguments.+"

Take care to avoid disputes, step back and consider the best approach. Otherwise, you may inadvertently say or do something that you later regret, finding it difficult to put right. You believe you can achieve a lot, but you must control these difficult feelings, or else you become involved in pointless arguments.

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