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string(18) "Saturday,+March+25"

Saturday, March 25

string(13) "New+progress+"

New progress

string(343) "You+make+progress+towards+success+when+you+make+changes.+You+find+unexpected+support+amongst+those+close+to+you,+who+are+relaxed+about+a+new+approach.+If+you’re+spontaneous,+you+open+up+completely+new+prospects+for+relationships+and+discover+this+applies+just+as+much+to+your+attitude+towards+your+health,+so+take+up+an+unfamiliar+activity.+"

You make progress towards success when you make changes. You find unexpected support amongst those close to you, who are relaxed about a new approach. If you?re spontaneous, you open up completely new prospects for relationships and discover this applies just as much to your attitude towards your health, so take up an unfamiliar activity.

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