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string(16) "Thursday,+May+23"

Thursday, May 23

string(16) "Successful+work+"

Successful work

string(365) "Collaborate+with+your+colleagues,+friends+or+family,+if+you+want+to+achieve+something+worthwhile+regarding+your+future.+You+need+to+take+full+advantage+of+every+opportunity+offered+while+you’re+able+to,+don’t+let+them+pass+without+making+a+concerted+effort.+Otherwise+unfinished+business+returns+to+haunt+you+when+conditions+aren’t+always+quite+so+promising.+"

Collaborate with your colleagues, friends or family, if you want to achieve something worthwhile regarding your future. You need to take full advantage of every opportunity offered while you’re able to, don’t let them pass without making a concerted effort. Otherwise unfinished business returns to haunt you when conditions aren’t always quite so promising.

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