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string(18) "Monday,+October+18"

Monday, October 18

string(19) "Intuitive+feelings+"

Intuitive feelings

string(351) "Long+overdue+visits+are+on+the+agenda+as+well+as+important+decisions.+Your+sympathetic+approach+inspires+the+people+you+care+about+most+to+be+open+to+new+suggestions+and+want+to+clear+up+any+existing+problems+that+exist+between+you.+You+willingly+take+on+new+challenges+both+at+work+and+home+proving+to+others+that+their+trust+in+you+is+well-founded.+"

Long overdue visits are on the agenda as well as important decisions. Your sympathetic approach inspires the people you care about most to be open to new suggestions and want to clear up any existing problems that exist between you. You willingly take on new challenges both at work and home proving to others that their trust in you is well-founded.

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