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string(15) "Monday,+March+8"

Monday, March 8

string(10) "New+Tasks+"

New Tasks

string(293) "You+tackle+obstacles+you+previously+thought+you+never+could+overcome.+Being+brave,+making+the+most+of+this+opportunity+you+encounter+people+who+are+open+and+friendly+and+when+you+respond+in+the+same+way,+it+opens+new+doors+for+you+to+explore+and+ultimately+turn+out+to+be+extremely+rewarding.+"

You tackle obstacles you previously thought you never could overcome. Being brave, making the most of this opportunity you encounter people who are open and friendly and when you respond in the same way, it opens new doors for you to explore and ultimately turn out to be extremely rewarding.

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