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string(16) "Tuesday,+June+22"

Tuesday, June 22

string(17) "Faithful+helpers+"

Faithful helpers

string(340) "You+might+become+more+aware+of+who+your+true+friends+are+since+you+unexpectedly+receive+assistance+from+them.+Be+generous+in+the+way+you+show+your+appreciation.+You+need+to+surprise+them+or+present+a+gift+to+them+in+an+original+way.+You’re+working+especially+well+with+others,+which+is+not+only+advantageous+to+you+but+benefits+them+too.+"

You might become more aware of who your true friends are since you unexpectedly receive assistance from them. Be generous in the way you show your appreciation. You need to surprise them or present a gift to them in an original way. You?re working especially well with others, which is not only advantageous to you but benefits them too.

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