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string(20) "Monday,+September+25"

Monday, September 25

string(21) "Information+Overload+"

Information Overload

string(344) "Even+though+your+thinking+is+clear,+and+you+enjoy+exploring+new+ideas+which+broaden+your+horizons.+Be+careful+-+too+much+information+can+hinder+your+ability+to+take+it+all+in.+Unexpected+pressures+may+cause+you+to+lack+the+necessary+motivation,+be+unsettled+and+tense.+Counteract+this+by+relaxing,+maybe+by+walking,+meditating+or+doing+sports.+"

Even though your thinking is clear, and you enjoy exploring new ideas which broaden your horizons. Be careful - too much information can hinder your ability to take it all in. Unexpected pressures may cause you to lack the necessary motivation, be unsettled and tense. Counteract this by relaxing, maybe by walking, meditating or doing sports.

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