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string(20) "Thursday,+December+7"

Thursday, December 7

string(13) "Restlessness+"


string(331) "You+feel+an+overwhelming+sense+of+anxiety.+You+are+moody+and+readily+blame+others+which+lead+to+new+conflicts.+You+must+pinpoint+the+cause+of+the+problem+and+examine+the+reason+for+your+stress.+Make+a+note+of+the+things+that+bother+you,+and+try+to+find+a+solution+to+them+yourself.+Make+staying+healthy+one+of+your+top+priorities.+"

You feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety. You are moody and readily blame others which lead to new conflicts. You must pinpoint the cause of the problem and examine the reason for your stress. Make a note of the things that bother you, and try to find a solution to them yourself. Make staying healthy one of your top priorities.

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