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string(22) "Wednesday,+November+30"

Wednesday, November 30

string(12) "Hectic+life+"

Hectic life

string(345) "You’re+not+showing+your+usual+composure,+but+feel+tense+and+appear+rather+hard-pressed,+reacting+more+slowly+than+you+usually+do+to+your+situation.+Maybe+you’re+weighed+down+by+the+surrounding+atmosphere+of+the+environment+you+inhabit,+or+you+simply+haven't+slept+enough.+Be+sure+to+pace+yourself+so+you+competently+manage+what+you+must+do.+"

You?re not showing your usual composure, but feel tense and appear rather hard-pressed, reacting more slowly than you usually do to your situation. Maybe you?re weighed down by the surrounding atmosphere of the environment you inhabit, or you simply haven't slept enough. Be sure to pace yourself so you competently manage what you must do.

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