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string(19) "Thursday,+August+22"

Thursday, August 22

string(25) "Easy-going+relationships+"

Easy-going relationships

string(364) "You+radiate+a+sense+of+inner+contentment,+this+makes+you+the+perfect+intermediary,+and+you’re+easily+able+to+intervene+with+a+degree+of+success.+Don't+hold+back+from+approaching+the+people+you+care+about+most-+they+appreciate+it.+You're+not+averse+to+flirting;+your+openness+impresses+others.+However,+caution+is+required+when+they+make+too+many+demands+on+you.+"

You radiate a sense of inner contentment, this makes you the perfect intermediary, and you’re easily able to intervene with a degree of success. Don't hold back from approaching the people you care about most- they appreciate it. You're not averse to flirting; your openness impresses others. However, caution is required when they make too many demands on you.

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