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string(18) "Saturday,+April+17"

Saturday, April 17

string(16) "Artistic+talent+"

Artistic talent

string(337) "You’re+full+of+creative+ideas,+and+these+affect+the+way+you+spend+the+necessary+leisure+time+required+to+think+things+through+to+their+logical+conclusion.+Listening+to+your+feelings+you’re+able+to+more+easily+take+this+opportunity+to+incorporate+or+reacquaint+yourself+with+any+artistic+talents+or+activities+that+have+lain+dormant.+"

You?re full of creative ideas, and these affect the way you spend the necessary leisure time required to think things through to their logical conclusion. Listening to your feelings you?re able to more easily take this opportunity to incorporate or reacquaint yourself with any artistic talents or activities that have lain dormant.

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