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string(19) "Tuesday,+January+28"

Tuesday, January 28

string(19) "Settle+differences+"

Settle differences

string(369) "Seizing+opportunities+to+dispel+any+ill+will+that+exists+within+your+circle+of+friends+or+close+relationships,+makes+you+feel+content,+also+dealing+with+any+past+disagreements+is+beneficial.+Conversations+you+have+are+inspiring+making+you+a+truly+sought-after+companion,+others+value+your+fun-loving+ways,+and+as+a+result,+you+make+worthwhile+and+exciting+friendships.+"

Seizing opportunities to dispel any ill will that exists within your circle of friends or close relationships, makes you feel content, also dealing with any past disagreements is beneficial. Conversations you have are inspiring making you a truly sought-after companion, others value your fun-loving ways, and as a result, you make worthwhile and exciting friendships.

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