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string(19) "Wednesday,+March+20"

Wednesday, March 20

string(14) "Unreliability+"


string(362) "Acting+rashly+and+spontaneously+has+a+rather+adverse+effect+on+your+situation.+You’re+likely+to+forget+agreements+you’ve+previously+made+and+may+turn+up+late+for+your+appointments.+Unreliability+causes+your+relationship+to+suffer,+especially+if+you’re+attracted+to+others,+rein+in+these+feelings+and+see+what+develops+first+–+before+doing+anything+rash!+"

Acting rashly and spontaneously has a rather adverse effect on your situation. You’re likely to forget agreements you’ve previously made and may turn up late for your appointments. Unreliability causes your relationship to suffer, especially if you’re attracted to others, rein in these feelings and see what develops first – before doing anything rash!

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