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string(15) "Tuesday,+June+2"

Tuesday, June 2

string(18) "What's+important?+"

What's important?

string(356) "You’re+able+to+keep+track+of+the+things+that+matter,+managing+to+take+control+and+concentrate+on+what's+important+to+you.+Such+an+optimistic+approach+positively+affects+your+personal+life,+helping+you+to+resolve+any+potential+problems+you+must+deal+with+and+uncover+the+true+significance+of+your+relationships+and+exactly+the+direction+they+are+heading.+"

You’re able to keep track of the things that matter, managing to take control and concentrate on what's important to you. Such an optimistic approach positively affects your personal life, helping you to resolve any potential problems you must deal with and uncover the true significance of your relationships and exactly the direction they are heading.

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