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string(20) "Saturday,+January+19"

Saturday, January 19

string(19) "Unexpected+Changes+"

Unexpected Changes

string(319) "Using+your+improvisational+skill+is+testing,+as+you+make+unexpected+changes+to+plans,+you+have+already+set+in+motion,+and+may+now+have+to+discard+altogether.+Be+patient,+see+this+as+an+opportunity+to+show+how+flexible+you+can+be.+Often,+unanticipated+events+that+bring+change+are+positive,+and+a+source+of+inspiration.+"

Using your improvisational skill is testing, as you make unexpected changes to plans, you have already set in motion, and may now have to discard altogether. Be patient, see this as an opportunity to show how flexible you can be. Often, unanticipated events that bring change are positive, and a source of inspiration.

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