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string(20) "Monday,+September+25"

Monday, September 25

string(14) "Confrontation+"


string(329) "Something+has+scared+you+off+because+you’re+avoiding+people+and+any+confrontation.+You're+doing+exactly+the+right+thing;+you+wouldn't+gain+anything+by+arguing+and+may+lose+control,+wrecking+more+than+you+can+mend.+Postpone+important+meetings+until+you+can+take+stock+of+the+situation+and+rediscover+your+composure+and+balance.+"

Something has scared you off because you?re avoiding people and any confrontation. You're doing exactly the right thing; you wouldn't gain anything by arguing and may lose control, wrecking more than you can mend. Postpone important meetings until you can take stock of the situation and rediscover your composure and balance.

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