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string(20) "Sunday,+September+20"

Sunday, September 20

string(16) "Active+emotions+"

Active emotions

string(366) "It’s+hard+to+bring+your+feelings+under+control+calmly+and+rationally+if+you+don’t+you+make+decisions+you+later+come+to+regret.+Conversely,+if+you’re+normally+a+calm+person,+who+keeps+their+feelings+to+themselves,+it+is+easier+for+you+to+show+them,+enabling+you+to+create+clarity,+to+deepen+and+improve+on+any+personal+relationships+in+which+you’re+involved.+"

It’s hard to bring your feelings under control calmly and rationally if you don’t you make decisions you later come to regret. Conversely, if you’re normally a calm person, who keeps their feelings to themselves, it is easier for you to show them, enabling you to create clarity, to deepen and improve on any personal relationships in which you’re involved.

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