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string(18) "Saturday,+April+17"

Saturday, April 17

string(15) "A+cushy+number+"

A cushy number

string(332) "It’s+hard+to+take+on+activities+you+find+too+taxing.+Instead,+you+prefer+to+take+the+chance+to+try+to+enjoy+life.+Some+think+you’re+lazy+and+unmotivated,+despite+recently+completing+some+demanding+tasks.+Any+discussion+is+unproductive,+inappropriate,+and+of+no+benefit,+so+don’t+be+unduly+concerned,+just+promise+to+cheer+up.+"

It?s hard to take on activities you find too taxing. Instead, you prefer to take the chance to try to enjoy life. Some think you?re lazy and unmotivated, despite recently completing some demanding tasks. Any discussion is unproductive, inappropriate, and of no benefit, so don?t be unduly concerned, just promise to cheer up.

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