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string(21) "Tuesday,+September+18"

Tuesday, September 18

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string(344) "Any+pressure+you+previously+felt+ebbs+away,+leaving+you+feeling+able+to+make+constructive+plans+for+the+future.+Having+first+discovered+what+caused+you+so+much+consternation+in+the+past+you+make+sure+it+can+never+happen+again.+You+define+what+is+important+for+you+to+maintain+a+relationship,+the+type+of+person+you+ideally+want+to+be+close+to.+"

Any pressure you previously felt ebbs away, leaving you feeling able to make constructive plans for the future. Having first discovered what caused you so much consternation in the past you make sure it can never happen again. You define what is important for you to maintain a relationship, the type of person you ideally want to be close to.

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