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string(22) "Wednesday,+November+30"

Wednesday, November 30

string(17) "Great+Attraction+"

Great Attraction

string(311) "You+notice+how+you+attract+others+by+what+you+say+and+do.+As+a+result,+this+is+an+ideal+time+for+any+joint+venture.+The+qualities+you+possess+are+appreciated,+especially+your+understanding,+and+sympathetic+approach.+You+can+cement+relationships+and+make+new+friends;+your+charms+are+apparent+for+all+to+admire.+"

You notice how you attract others by what you say and do. As a result, this is an ideal time for any joint venture. The qualities you possess are appreciated, especially your understanding, and sympathetic approach. You can cement relationships and make new friends; your charms are apparent for all to admire.

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