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string(17) "Thursday,+July+19"

Thursday, July 19

string(18) "Focus+your+energy+"

Focus your energy

string(378) "Use+the+extra+vitality+you+possess+wisely,+work+out+what+you+want+to+achieve+and+focus+your+energy+in+the+best+way+you+know.+Don't+fritter+away+time,+wasting+it+on+thankless+tasks.+Instead,+expand+your+outlook+and+examine+your+personal+life+too,+where+positive+surprises+are+in+store+for+your+relationship.+If+single,+the+people+you+meet+are+especially+agreeable+and+appealing.+"

Use the extra vitality you possess wisely, work out what you want to achieve and focus your energy in the best way you know. Don't fritter away time, wasting it on thankless tasks. Instead, expand your outlook and examine your personal life too, where positive surprises are in store for your relationship. If single, the people you meet are especially agreeable and appealing.

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