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string(19) "Wednesday,+April+17"

Wednesday, April 17

string(24) "Satisfactory+compromise+"

Satisfactory compromise

string(353) "Rash+words+have+complicated+an+existing+situation+and+created+a+negative+atmosphere.+However,+you+can+offer+a+sensible+solution+to+ease+the+tension+and+present+your+point+of+view+in+an+uncomplicated+and+diplomatic+way,+so+that+others+feel+you+want+to+resolve+the+conflict+and+listen+to+their+opinions.+In+this+way,+a+long-lasting+solution+can+be+found.+"

Rash words have complicated an existing situation and created a negative atmosphere. However, you can offer a sensible solution to ease the tension and present your point of view in an uncomplicated and diplomatic way, so that others feel you want to resolve the conflict and listen to their opinions. In this way, a long-lasting solution can be found.

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