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string(14) "Monday,+May+17"

Monday, May 17

string(15) "Self-restraint+"


string(352) "Practice+some+self-restraint,+avoid+trying+to+force+your+opinions+onto+others+or+getting+involved+in+needless+arguments+otherwise,+disputes+escalate.+Instead+you+must+calm+down+and+come+to+terms+with+your+conduct,+then+you+are+able+to+get+plenty+of+sleep+and+eat+well+which+helps+you+to+regain+your+composure+and+provides+you+with+the+energy+you+need.+"

Practice some self-restraint, avoid trying to force your opinions onto others or getting involved in needless arguments otherwise, disputes escalate. Instead you must calm down and come to terms with your conduct, then you are able to get plenty of sleep and eat well which helps you to regain your composure and provides you with the energy you need.

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