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string(17) "Wednesday,+July+8"

Wednesday, July 8

string(12) "Development+"


string(350) "Others+understand+that+you+don’t+want+to+take+on+any+more+responsibilities+and+in+fact+need+time+to+yourself+to+gain+a+fresh+perspective+and+determine+what+your+true+feelings+are.+Once+you+feel+more+refreshed+and+have+taken+the+opportunity+to+regain+your+composure+you+have+an+innate+ability+to+interact+and+chat+with+others+in+a+constructive+way.+"

Others understand that you don’t want to take on any more responsibilities and in fact need time to yourself to gain a fresh perspective and determine what your true feelings are. Once you feel more refreshed and have taken the opportunity to regain your composure you have an innate ability to interact and chat with others in a constructive way.

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