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string(14) "Friday,+June+9"

Friday, June 9

string(13) "Expectations+"


string(360) "As+difficulties+arise+for+you+to+deal+with,+you+feel+a+little+stressed,+pay+attention+to+your+well-being+and+don’t+expect+too+much.+Instead+be+patient+and+focus+attention+on+being+calm+and+self-assured,+rather+than+tackling+problems+head-on+or+using+confrontation.+Matters+eventually+turn+out+to+be+far+more+successful+and+agreeable+than+you+first+expected.+"

As difficulties arise for you to deal with, you feel a little stressed, pay attention to your well-being and don?t expect too much. Instead be patient and focus attention on being calm and self-assured, rather than tackling problems head-on or using confrontation. Matters eventually turn out to be far more successful and agreeable than you first expected.

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