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string(22) "Wednesday,+November+30"

Wednesday, November 30

string(15) "From+the+heart+"

From the heart

string(354) "Your+heart+is+in+everything+you+do,+and+you+put+all+your+spare+time+and+energy+into+your+activities.+Others+respect+you+for+this+and+help+you+in+your+accomplishments.+You+can+use+this+goodwill+to+strengthen+your+ties+with+people+and+get+closer+to+them.+Take+care+that+you+don’t+suffer+from+overwork+in+your+eagerness+to+do+so+much,+make+time+to+relax.+"

Your heart is in everything you do, and you put all your spare time and energy into your activities. Others respect you for this and help you in your accomplishments. You can use this goodwill to strengthen your ties with people and get closer to them. Take care that you don?t suffer from overwork in your eagerness to do so much, make time to relax.

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