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string(14) "Friday,+July+1"

Friday, July 1

string(19) "Lacking+initiative+"

Lacking initiative

string(330) "Any+initiative+seems+completely+lacking;+you+get+very+little+done,+so+don't+get+too+frustrated,+instead+wait+until+you+feel+more+capable+of+acting+in+your+familiar+way.+If+possible+take+some+time+out+and+dedicate+yourself+completely+to+your+personal+needs.+It’s+good+to+spend+time+doing+nothing,+entirely+unrestrained+and+free.+"

Any initiative seems completely lacking; you get very little done, so don't get too frustrated, instead wait until you feel more capable of acting in your familiar way. If possible take some time out and dedicate yourself completely to your personal needs. It?s good to spend time doing nothing, entirely unrestrained and free.

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