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string(19) "Wednesday,+March+20"

Wednesday, March 20

string(18) "Pursue+your+goals+"

Pursue your goals

string(361) "A+change+in+circumstances+means+your+goal+has+become+more+difficult+to+achieve.+Don't+be+despondent+or+let+this+get+you+down.+Think+carefully+about+the+situation,+this+apparent+setback+is+easily+overcome+with+appropriate+action+and+isn’t+as+bad+as+you+first+thought.+Setbacks+often+can+help+resolve+outstanding+issues+and+ultimately+lead+to+a+better+outcome.+"

A change in circumstances means your goal has become more difficult to achieve. Don't be despondent or let this get you down. Think carefully about the situation, this apparent setback is easily overcome with appropriate action and isn’t as bad as you first thought. Setbacks often can help resolve outstanding issues and ultimately lead to a better outcome.

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