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string(18) "Saturday,+April+17"

Saturday, April 17

string(10) "Be+active+"

Be active

string(356) "You're+facing+more+than+your+fair+share+of+problems.+Don't+let+yourself+become+too+overwhelmed.+When+you+confront+each+problem+in+turn,+then+your+situation+improves,+and+you+start+to+feel+in+control+of+events+again.+It’s+important+you+act+immediately.+Otherwise+even+more+problems+occur.+If+others+offer+help,+don't+be+afraid+to+accept+their+assistance.+"

You're facing more than your fair share of problems. Don't let yourself become too overwhelmed. When you confront each problem in turn, then your situation improves, and you start to feel in control of events again. It?s important you act immediately. Otherwise even more problems occur. If others offer help, don't be afraid to accept their assistance.

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