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string(15) "Tuesday,+June+2"

Tuesday, June 2

string(15) "More+tolerance+"

More tolerance

string(362) "Others+believe+you’re+behaving+in+a+rather+fanatical+way;+you+need+to+hold+back+and+be+more+accepting+of+their+attitude.+Don't+get+so+angry+if+they+make+a+mistake.+Too+much+expectation+upsets+your+ability+to+remain+in+control,+you+need+to+behave+more+considerately.+Leave+stresses+of+everyday+life+behind;+relaxation+helps+you+rebuild+your+reserves+of+energy.+"

Others believe you’re behaving in a rather fanatical way; you need to hold back and be more accepting of their attitude. Don't get so angry if they make a mistake. Too much expectation upsets your ability to remain in control, you need to behave more considerately. Leave stresses of everyday life behind; relaxation helps you rebuild your reserves of energy.

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