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string(16) "Thursday,+May+23"

Thursday, May 23

string(27) "Light+heartedness+optimism+"

Light heartedness optimism

string(349) "You’re+feeling+good+and+don't+particularly+know+the+reason+why+but+approach+things+in+a+relaxed+and+carefree+way.+Sensing+somehow,+you’re+able+to+tackle+anything,+your+optimism+seems+justified,+everything+you+do+is+successful.+Keep+both+feet+on+the+ground+and+don't+risk+taking+on+too+much,+you+don’t+know+how+long+your+luck+is+going+to+last.+"

You?re feeling good and don't particularly know the reason why but approach things in a relaxed and carefree way. Sensing somehow, you?re able to tackle anything, your optimism seems justified, everything you do is successful. Keep both feet on the ground and don't risk taking on too much, you don?t know how long your luck is going to last.

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