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string(22) "Wednesday,+February+28"

Wednesday, February 28

string(21) "Personal+Development+"

Personal Development

string(347) "You+feel+inclined+to+take+the+lead+in+your+relationships.+You+want+to+make+others+aware+of+the+opportunities+that+arise+from+the+inclusion+of+your+ideas.+In+the+process,+you+must+listen+to+the+views+of+others+and+consider+their+wishes.+After+such+creative+activity,+take+yourself+off+to+a+quiet+location+to+reflect+on+what+you+have+put+in+motion.+"

You feel inclined to take the lead in your relationships. You want to make others aware of the opportunities that arise from the inclusion of your ideas. In the process, you must listen to the views of others and consider their wishes. After such creative activity, take yourself off to a quiet location to reflect on what you have put in motion.

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