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string(15) "Tuesday,+June+2"

Tuesday, June 2

string(24) "Impulse+to+blame+others+"

Impulse to blame others

string(353) "Try+to+approach+things+in+a+relaxed+way+without+getting+too+wound+up+about+any+problems+that+occur.+Ignore+the+urge+to+blame+others+for+any+misfortune;+this+is+very+disruptive+to+your+relationships.+Perhaps+you+need+to+take+the+time+to+look+for+other+reasons+for+your+bad+luck.+Don't+get+into+arguments;+you+tend+to+say+things+you+later+come+to+regret.+"

Try to approach things in a relaxed way without getting too wound up about any problems that occur. Ignore the urge to blame others for any misfortune; this is very disruptive to your relationships. Perhaps you need to take the time to look for other reasons for your bad luck. Don't get into arguments; you tend to say things you later come to regret.

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