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string(18) "Tuesday,+August+11"

Tuesday, August 11

string(6) "Ideas+"


string(357) "Your+dealings+with+others+are+especially+easy+and+any+potential+disagreements+avoided+when+you+act+together+as+a+team.+You+succeed+in+putting+forward+your+ideas+and+convince+others+of+the+validity+of+the+position+you+adopt.+Importantly+you+need+to+build+trust,+so+others+are+aware+they’re+able+to+always+rely+on+you+when+any+difficulties+need+addressing.+"

Your dealings with others are especially easy and any potential disagreements avoided when you act together as a team. You succeed in putting forward your ideas and convince others of the validity of the position you adopt. Importantly you need to build trust, so others are aware they’re able to always rely on you when any difficulties need addressing.

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