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string(20) "Monday,+September+25"

Monday, September 25

string(23) "Negative+conversations+"

Negative conversations

string(365) "You+feel+you’re+being+unfairly+criticized+or+alternatively+blame+someone+else+without+thinking+first.+Whatever+is+the+case,+you’re+more+antagonistic+than+usual,+which+if+you’re+not+careful+easily+gets+out+of+hand.+Approach+subjects+as+calmly+as+possible,+avoid+discussing+sensitive+topics,+if+you+get+in+this+sort+of+situation,+retreat+from+the+conversation.+"

You feel you?re being unfairly criticized or alternatively blame someone else without thinking first. Whatever is the case, you?re more antagonistic than usual, which if you?re not careful easily gets out of hand. Approach subjects as calmly as possible, avoid discussing sensitive topics, if you get in this sort of situation, retreat from the conversation.

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