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string(19) "Thursday,+August+22"

Thursday, August 22

string(17) "Health+and+power+"

Health and power

string(349) "You+feel+on+top+form,+and+others+notice+how+positive+and+glowing+with+confidence+you+are.+The+exuberance+you+show+permeates+out+and+influences+those+you+come+into+contact+with.+They+can+assist+you+in+the+achievement+of+goals+that+seemed+unimaginable+to+you+before.+Take+advantage+of+this+energy+and+don't+let+the+time+pass+without+making+use+of+it.+"

You feel on top form, and others notice how positive and glowing with confidence you are. The exuberance you show permeates out and influences those you come into contact with. They can assist you in the achievement of goals that seemed unimaginable to you before. Take advantage of this energy and don't let the time pass without making use of it.

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