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string(19) "Wednesday,+April+17"

Wednesday, April 17

string(19) "Fuss+about+nothing+"

Fuss about nothing

string(361) "Don't+allow+yourself+to+become+involved+in+any+argumentative+disputes,+if+you’re+upset+it’s+futile+and+gets+you+nowhere.+It+seems+everyone+you+talk+to+reacts+emotionally+and+prevents+you+from+being+objective,+they+waste+your+precious+time+and+jangle+your+nerves.+Being+patient+gets+you+through+without+ruining+your+relationships+with+people+closest+to+you.+"

Don't allow yourself to become involved in any argumentative disputes, if you?re upset it?s futile and gets you nowhere. It seems everyone you talk to reacts emotionally and prevents you from being objective, they waste your precious time and jangle your nerves. Being patient gets you through without ruining your relationships with people closest to you.

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