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string(22) "Wednesday,+November+30"

Wednesday, November 30

string(15) "Creative+Ideas+"

Creative Ideas

string(342) "Your+creative+charm+proves+attractive+to+many.+You+are+full+of+bright+ideas+which+at+first+may+seem+overwhelming,+but+your+positive+frame+of+mind+enables+you+to+concentrate+on+the+things+that+are+most+important+to+you+and+set+aside+those+tasks+that+better+can+wait.+Such+a+beneficial+approach+enlivens+conversations,+which+enrich+your+ideas.+"

Your creative charm proves attractive to many. You are full of bright ideas which at first may seem overwhelming, but your positive frame of mind enables you to concentrate on the things that are most important to you and set aside those tasks that better can wait. Such a beneficial approach enlivens conversations, which enrich your ideas.

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