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string(19) "Wednesday,+March+20"

Wednesday, March 20

string(14) "Make+contacts+"

Make contacts

string(331) "You’re+extremely+agreeable+and+natural+in+the+way+you+interact+with+others,+and+enjoy+cooperating+with+them,+feeling+far+less+inhibited+in+social+situations+than+you+might+ordinarily+be.+Making+the+most+of+any+opportunities+could+turn+out+beneficially+for+you+and+be+of+immense+importance,+bringing+you+lasting+future+happiness.+"

You’re extremely agreeable and natural in the way you interact with others, and enjoy cooperating with them, feeling far less inhibited in social situations than you might ordinarily be. Making the most of any opportunities could turn out beneficially for you and be of immense importance, bringing you lasting future happiness.

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