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string(15) "Tuesday,+June+2"

Tuesday, June 2

string(19) "Sensitive+feelings+"

Sensitive feelings

string(353) "You’re+sensitive+to+the+needs+of+those+people+close+to+you+and+have+a+unique+understanding+of+them.+Despite+the+demands,+this+places+on+you,+stay+grounded+and+don’t+get+too+carried+away+with+unrealistic+suggestions.+Do+cultivate+friendships+but+keep+a+critical+eye+on+those+around+you,+some+of+whom+may+not+always+have+your+best+interests+at+heart.+"

You’re sensitive to the needs of those people close to you and have a unique understanding of them. Despite the demands, this places on you, stay grounded and don’t get too carried away with unrealistic suggestions. Do cultivate friendships but keep a critical eye on those around you, some of whom may not always have your best interests at heart.

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