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string(14) "Monday,+May+17"

Monday, May 17

string(8) "Harmony+"


string(356) "You+contribute+to+the+well-being+of+others+in+a+very+focused+and+uplifting+way,+applying+your+knowledge+and+talent+effectively+you’re+seen+as+a+good+conversationalist+and+discerning+advisor.+Those+closest+to+you+appreciate+your+ability+to+show+concern+for+them+and+your+relationships+thrive,+greatly+benefiting+from+the+devoted+way+you+conduct+yourself.+"

You contribute to the well-being of others in a very focused and uplifting way, applying your knowledge and talent effectively you?re seen as a good conversationalist and discerning advisor. Those closest to you appreciate your ability to show concern for them and your relationships thrive, greatly benefiting from the devoted way you conduct yourself.

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