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string(19) "Tuesday,+January+28"

Tuesday, January 28

string(10) "New+ideas+"

New ideas

string(360) "You’re+able+to+complete+outstanding+tasks+that+require+your+undivided+attention.+The+expert+way+you+achieve+results+impresses+others,+inspiring+you+to+tackle+any+new+interesting+ideas+that+turn+up.+Opportunities+arise+for+you+to+make+collaborative+plans+and+a+concerted+effort+to+progress+further,+whilst+utilizing+the+degree+of+proficiency+expected+of+you.+"

You’re able to complete outstanding tasks that require your undivided attention. The expert way you achieve results impresses others, inspiring you to tackle any new interesting ideas that turn up. Opportunities arise for you to make collaborative plans and a concerted effort to progress further, whilst utilizing the degree of proficiency expected of you.

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