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string(20) "Tuesday,+November+20"

Tuesday, November 20

string(13) "New+Insights+"

New Insights

string(314) "You+perceive+your+world+in+a+new+way,+many+things+formerly+concealed+from+you+are+now+in+the+open,+and+you+gain+a+fresh+perspective.+Share+the+products+of+your+increased+awareness+with+others.+Take+time+to+look+after+your+health.+An+increased+level+of+mental+power+lets+you+more+easily+recognize+unhealthy+habits.+"

You perceive your world in a new way, many things formerly concealed from you are now in the open, and you gain a fresh perspective. Share the products of your increased awareness with others. Take time to look after your health. An increased level of mental power lets you more easily recognize unhealthy habits.

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