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string(21) "Wednesday,+January+24"

Wednesday, January 24

string(11) "Popularity+"


string(313) "Everybody+wants+to+get+to+know+you,+despite+your+popularity,+it’s+your+open+and+likable+personality+that’s+appealing.+Consequently,+you+find+it+easy+to+approach+people+you+don’t+even+know+and+strike+up+a+conversation,+giving+them+the+feeling+they're+important+to+you+is+what+makes+you+approachable+and+fun.+"

Everybody wants to get to know you, despite your popularity, it’s your open and likable personality that’s appealing. Consequently, you find it easy to approach people you don’t even know and strike up a conversation, giving them the feeling they're important to you is what makes you approachable and fun.

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