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string(19) "Wednesday,+April+17"

Wednesday, April 17

string(23) "Differences+of+opinion+"

Differences of opinion

string(346) "Don't+try+to+force+your+opinions+on+others,+however+much+you+try+agreement+cannot+be+reached+and+other+people's+opinions+differ+considerably+from+your+own+ideas.+Control+your+emotions+and+avoid+any+heated+discussions+otherwise+additional+problems+adversely+affect+your+mental+state,+energy+is+quickly+depleted,+and+you+find+it+difficult+to+cope.+"

Don't try to force your opinions on others, however much you try agreement cannot be reached and other people's opinions differ considerably from your own ideas. Control your emotions and avoid any heated discussions otherwise additional problems adversely affect your mental state, energy is quickly depleted, and you find it difficult to cope.

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