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string(19) "Wednesday,+March+20"

Wednesday, March 20

string(25) "Happiness+and+exuberance+"

Happiness and exuberance

string(326) "You+find+pleasure+in+the+simplest+things+and+enjoy+interacting+with+other+people.+Your+happiness+and+enthusiasm+are+infectious+and+affects+those+closest+to+you,+who+in+turn+are+responsive.+If+single,+you+may+be+extremely+attracted+to+a+future+partner+or+have+a+spellbinding+effect+on+someone+for+whom+you+have+sexual+desires.+"

You find pleasure in the simplest things and enjoy interacting with other people. Your happiness and enthusiasm are infectious and affects those closest to you, who in turn are responsive. If single, you may be extremely attracted to a future partner or have a spellbinding effect on someone for whom you have sexual desires.

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