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string(20) "Sunday,+September+20"

Sunday, September 20

string(21) "Pleasant+interaction+"

Pleasant interaction

string(346) "You+get+on+famously+with+everyone+you+meet,+and+it+appears+you+are+friendlier+than+ever.+Your+helpful+and+obliging+nature+encourages+others+to+be+ready+to+lend+a+hand+and+be+especially+keen+to+return+your+kindnesses.+Now+is+a+good+time+to+introduce+yourself+to+a+potential+employer+or+enter+important+discussions,+which+ultimately+turn+out+well.+"

You get on famously with everyone you meet, and it appears you are friendlier than ever. Your helpful and obliging nature encourages others to be ready to lend a hand and be especially keen to return your kindnesses. Now is a good time to introduce yourself to a potential employer or enter important discussions, which ultimately turn out well.

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