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string(15) "Tuesday,+June+2"

Tuesday, June 2

string(17) "Taking+advantage+"

Taking advantage

string(366) "Full+of+energy,+you’re+able+to+deal+with+important+issues.+Your+clear+thinking+helps+you+successfully+bring+a+certain+situation+to+a+close.+You+even+resolve+issues+in+your+personal+life;+any+concerns+are+much+clearer.+Consequently,,you’re+able+to+face+up+to+any+difficulties+you’ve+avoided+and+now+receive+a+positive+response+to+the+way+you+handle+everything.+"

Full of energy, you’re able to deal with important issues. Your clear thinking helps you successfully bring a certain situation to a close. You even resolve issues in your personal life; any concerns are much clearer. Consequently,,you’re able to face up to any difficulties you’ve avoided and now receive a positive response to the way you handle everything.

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