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string(21) "Wednesday,+January+22"

Wednesday, January 22

string(12) "Provocation+"


string(358) "It+may+be+that+you’re+very+knowledgeable+and+proud+of+this+fact,+or+you+merely+want+to+explore+the+world+of+knowledge+to+expand+your+horizons+and+those+of+others.+To+avoid+your+intentions+being+misunderstood,+don’t+be+so+adamant+about+your+plans,+since+this+has+the+effect+of+annoying+people+further.+Be+open+with+others+so+that+they+feel+more+involved.+"

It may be that you’re very knowledgeable and proud of this fact, or you merely want to explore the world of knowledge to expand your horizons and those of others. To avoid your intentions being misunderstood, don’t be so adamant about your plans, since this has the effect of annoying people further. Be open with others so that they feel more involved.

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