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string(19) "Wednesday,+March+20"

Wednesday, March 20

string(18) "Excessive+demands+"

Excessive demands

string(330) "You’re+not+able+to+accomplish+everything+asked+of+you,+even+when+you've+been+doing+your+best.+Any+more+exertion+is+damaging+and+limits+the+potential+progress+you+can+make.+When+you+admit+your+inability+to+cope,+those+close+to+you+understand+and+help+you+out+by+taking+over+some+of+the+workloads,+especially+if+you+ask+politely.+"

You’re not able to accomplish everything asked of you, even when you've been doing your best. Any more exertion is damaging and limits the potential progress you can make. When you admit your inability to cope, those close to you understand and help you out by taking over some of the workloads, especially if you ask politely.

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