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string(20) "Monday,+September+25"

Monday, September 25

string(16) "Artistic+talent+"

Artistic talent

string(333) "Others+seek+your+creative+talents+and+expertise,+in+the+realm+of+décor+and+fashion;+and+your+advice+is+respected.+Sharing+some+common+interests+helps+you+bond+more+strongly+with+the+people+you+care+about+most.+The+empathy+you+show+towards+those+you+love+enhances+the+environment+you+share+and+make+your+relationships+more+exciting.+"

Others seek your creative talents and expertise, in the realm of décor and fashion; and your advice is respected. Sharing some common interests helps you bond more strongly with the people you care about most. The empathy you show towards those you love enhances the environment you share and make your relationships more exciting.

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