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string(17) "Saturday,+July+31"

Saturday, July 31

string(15) "Positive+start+"

Positive start

string(364) "Risking+a+new+start+is+perfect+timing,+you+have+the+energy+required+to+get+a+planned+project+out+of+the+starting+blocks.+If+you+confide+in+those+around+you,+they+help+you+to+take+the+first+steps+towards+a+successful+outcome.+The+positivity+you+generate+and+display+is+attractive+to+others.+You+can+form+ties+with+new+contacts+and+be+sure+of+their+willing+support.+"

Risking a new start is perfect timing, you have the energy required to get a planned project out of the starting blocks. If you confide in those around you, they help you to take the first steps towards a successful outcome. The positivity you generate and display is attractive to others. You can form ties with new contacts and be sure of their willing support.

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