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string(20) "Tuesday,+November+20"

Tuesday, November 20

string(11) "Thoughtful+"


string(369) "Cautiousness+helps+you+prevent+others+from+taking+advantage+of+you.+Well+prepared+you+behave+more+confidently+and+address+delicate+topics+using+your+newly+acquired+skills+to+identify+with+others,+at+last+making+it+easier+to+deal+with+more+unpleasant+matters+too.+Even+if+an+argument+arises+as+a+result,+it's+better+to+have+it+out+rather+than+to+allow+things+to+endure.+"

Cautiousness helps you prevent others from taking advantage of you. Well prepared you behave more confidently and address delicate topics using your newly acquired skills to identify with others, at last making it easier to deal with more unpleasant matters too. Even if an argument arises as a result, it's better to have it out rather than to allow things to endure.

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