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string(22) "Wednesday,+November+30"

Wednesday, November 30

string(26) "Satisfied+with+everything+"

Satisfied with everything

string(365) "One+achievement+follows+another,+and+you’re+able+to+make+an+especially+good+impression+when+cooperating+with+others.+You+even+impress+outsiders+with+your+understanding,+leading+to+exciting+opportunities,+you+have+to+consider+whether+to+follow+up+on+or+not.+Whatever+you+decide,+don’t+be+fearful,+you’re+in+great+shape+to+make+the+most+of+this+promising+time.+"

One achievement follows another, and you?re able to make an especially good impression when cooperating with others. You even impress outsiders with your understanding, leading to exciting opportunities, you have to consider whether to follow up on or not. Whatever you decide, don?t be fearful, you?re in great shape to make the most of this promising time.

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