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string(16) "Saturday,+May+28"

Saturday, May 28

string(8) "Tension+"


string(368) "It’s+difficult+to+unwind,+and+your+restless+conduct+has+a+negative+effect+on+the+people+around+you.+Don't+take+out+your+resentment+on+your+loved+ones,+but+try+to+overcome+it.+Pay+some+attention+to+your+fitness+and+well-being,+if+you+feel+tense,+and+rather+anxious+-+a+relaxing+massage+or+long+session+in+the+sauna+can+work+wonders,+and+you’re+your+old+self+again.+"

It?s difficult to unwind, and your restless conduct has a negative effect on the people around you. Don't take out your resentment on your loved ones, but try to overcome it. Pay some attention to your fitness and well-being, if you feel tense, and rather anxious - a relaxing massage or long session in the sauna can work wonders, and you?re your old self again.

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