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string(15) "Monday,+July+15"

Monday, July 15

string(16) "Mentally+Active+"

Mentally Active

string(347) "Your+mind+is+extremely+active,+as+you+consider+one+good+idea+after+another,+and+want+to+make+them+happen+after+you’ve+discussed+them+with+your+friends,+or+even+the+first+person+you+meet.+If+someone+contradicts+you,+take+the+time+to+consider+what+they+say.+In+the+end,+you+need+to+wind+down+and+must+try+to+relax+without+overly+taxing+your+mind.+"

Your mind is extremely active, as you consider one good idea after another, and want to make them happen after you?ve discussed them with your friends, or even the first person you meet. If someone contradicts you, take the time to consider what they say. In the end, you need to wind down and must try to relax without overly taxing your mind.

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