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string(15) "Monday,+June+24"

Monday, June 24

string(11) "Shaping+Up+"

Shaping Up

string(309) "You+feel+completely+comfortable+and+have+a+chance+to+accomplish+something+worthwhile.+Being+determined+to+make+a+success,+people+notice+your+enthusiasm+and+offer+their+support.+Stay+in+contact+with+old+friends+and+make+new+ones,+many+of+whom+are+likely+to+become+involved+in+shaping+your+future+beneficially.+"

You feel completely comfortable and have a chance to accomplish something worthwhile. Being determined to make a success, people notice your enthusiasm and offer their support. Stay in contact with old friends and make new ones, many of whom are likely to become involved in shaping your future beneficially.

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