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string(18) "Saturday,+April+21"

Saturday, April 21

string(18) "Promising+conduct+"

Promising conduct

string(347) "Full+of+good+intentions,+circumstances+are+ideal+for+any+activities+involving+your+friends,+who+find+you+especially+pleasant+company.+You’re+making+a+good+impression+on+almost+everyone+you+meet,+including+the+more+influential+acquaintances+in+your+circle.+If+you+want+to+talk+about+something+with+anyone+of+them+you+can+do+so+without+hesitancy.+"

Full of good intentions, circumstances are ideal for any activities involving your friends, who find you especially pleasant company. You’re making a good impression on almost everyone you meet, including the more influential acquaintances in your circle. If you want to talk about something with anyone of them you can do so without hesitancy.

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