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string(20) "Tuesday,+November+20"

Tuesday, November 20

string(11) "Compromise+"


string(354) "Feeling+you+must+involve+yourself+in+every+argument,+you+appear+to+come+across+as+rather+arrogant.+Compromise,+respect+other+opinions+and+refrain+from+taking+such+an+offensive+stance.+Make+sure+you+don’t+create+a+big+deal+out+of+nothing.+If+any+unfamiliar+situations+occur,+first+consider+your+partner's+feelings,+be+cooperative+and+don’t+overreact.+"

Feeling you must involve yourself in every argument, you appear to come across as rather arrogant. Compromise, respect other opinions and refrain from taking such an offensive stance. Make sure you don’t create a big deal out of nothing. If any unfamiliar situations occur, first consider your partner's feelings, be cooperative and don’t overreact.

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