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string(15) "Monday,+June+17"

Monday, June 17

string(9) "Goodwill+"


string(355) "Showing+such+good-will+to+everyone+you+meet,+you+effortlessly+gain+their+approval+and+affection.+You’re+more+capable+and+ingenious+than+you+normally+are+and+more+drawn+to+beautiful+things+than+usual.+As+a+result,+you’re+much+more+appreciative+of+the+attention+you+receive+from+loved+ones+and+return+their+affection,+making+you+feel+vibrant+and+alive.+"

Showing such good-will to everyone you meet, you effortlessly gain their approval and affection. You’re more capable and ingenious than you normally are and more drawn to beautiful things than usual. As a result, you’re much more appreciative of the attention you receive from loved ones and return their affection, making you feel vibrant and alive.

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