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string(22) "Wednesday,+November+30"

Wednesday, November 30

string(19) "Provocative+nature+"

Provocative nature

string(369) "You’re+extremely+provocative,+even+the+slightest+difference+of+opinion+with+others+turns+into+a+quarrel.+In+your+personal+life+too,+your+friends+don't+like+it+when+you+continually+criticize+them.+Hold+back+a+little+and+refrain+from+your+repeated+opposition,+don't+press+your+point+so+blatantly.+Instead+unwind,+relax+by+taking+a+long+hot+bath+or+by+having+a+massage.+"

You?re extremely provocative, even the slightest difference of opinion with others turns into a quarrel. In your personal life too, your friends don't like it when you continually criticize them. Hold back a little and refrain from your repeated opposition, don't press your point so blatantly. Instead unwind, relax by taking a long hot bath or by having a massage.

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