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string(18) "Tuesday,+August+11"

Tuesday, August 11

string(9) "Charisma+"


string(369) "You+can+show+others+what+you’re+capable+of;+your+magnetic+personality+is+well-suited+for+teamwork.+What+is+it+you’re+waiting+for?+You+don't+know+how+long+this+is+likely+to+last.+Regarding+health,+you+feel+completely+satisfied+and+at+ease.+The+balance+of+body+and+mind+helps+you+to+influence+those+around+you+positively.+Joint+ventures+with+friends+are+appropriate.+"

You can show others what you’re capable of; your magnetic personality is well-suited for teamwork. What is it you’re waiting for? You don't know how long this is likely to last. Regarding health, you feel completely satisfied and at ease. The balance of body and mind helps you to influence those around you positively. Joint ventures with friends are appropriate.

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