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string(21) "Wednesday,+January+22"

Wednesday, January 22

string(18) "Clear+perspective+"

Clear perspective

string(357) "You+know+exactly+what+you+want+and+bring+together+personal+interests+with+the+needs+of+others.+No+barriers+prevent+you+putting+your+plans+into+action.+Seen+by+others+as+sincere,+your+thoughtfulness+enhances+your+reputation.+Don't+become+too+complacent+about+your+health+and+well-being,+take+care+of+your+fitness+and+build+reserves+of+energy+for+the+future.+"

You know exactly what you want and bring together personal interests with the needs of others. No barriers prevent you putting your plans into action. Seen by others as sincere, your thoughtfulness enhances your reputation. Don't become too complacent about your health and well-being, take care of your fitness and build reserves of energy for the future.

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