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string(21) "Wednesday,+January+22"

Wednesday, January 22

string(16) "New+orientation+"

New orientation

string(349) "Change+is+coming+in+your+life+which+you+can+no+longer+push+to+one+side.+You’re+full+of+enthusiasm+and+confidence+which+helps+you+to+put+your+plans+into+action.+Use+this+drive+and+energy+to+make+the+first+steps.+Talk+to+your+closest+friends+and+relatives+about+your+plans,+they+encourage+you+in+every+way+they+can+and+enthusiastically+support+you.+"

Change is coming in your life which you can no longer push to one side. You’re full of enthusiasm and confidence which helps you to put your plans into action. Use this drive and energy to make the first steps. Talk to your closest friends and relatives about your plans, they encourage you in every way they can and enthusiastically support you.

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