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string(14) "Monday,+May+17"

Monday, May 17

string(25) "Cool,+calm+and+collected+"

Cool, calm and collected

string(365) "Feeling+fantastic,+you’re+in+good+shape+and+are+self-assured.+You+make+plenty+of+headway+implementing+your+new+ideas.+In+your+personal+life,+you+continue+to+thrive,+utilize+this+to+explore+new+possibilities+and+widen+your+horizons.+The+self-confidence+you+possess+is+strengthened,+and+as+a+result,+the+sense+of+achievement+and+satisfaction+you+feel+is+prolonged.+"

Feeling fantastic, you?re in good shape and are self-assured. You make plenty of headway implementing your new ideas. In your personal life, you continue to thrive, utilize this to explore new possibilities and widen your horizons. The self-confidence you possess is strengthened, and as a result, the sense of achievement and satisfaction you feel is prolonged.

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