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string(22) "Wednesday,+November+30"

Wednesday, November 30

string(9) "Activity+"


string(354) "You+feel+like+doing+as+much+as+possible+and+possess+plenty+of+mental+energy+to+remain+in+control+and+stay+on+top+of+things.+However,+this+won't+produce+results+unless+you+examine+your+options+first.+Concentrate+on+one+project+at+a+time+and+stick+with+it+until+it's+finished.+In+this+way,+you+will+achieve+a+balance+between+doing+too+much+and+not+enough.+"

You feel like doing as much as possible and possess plenty of mental energy to remain in control and stay on top of things. However, this won't produce results unless you examine your options first. Concentrate on one project at a time and stick with it until it's finished. In this way, you will achieve a balance between doing too much and not enough.

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