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string(17) "Thursday,+July+19"

Thursday, July 19

string(21) "Excessive+indulgence+"

Excessive indulgence

string(355) "Others+regard+you+as+demanding+and+rather+cheeky.+Keep+the+right+balance+and+think+about+your+demands.+Don’t+take+criticism+of+your+conduct+personally.+Compared+to+your+friends+you’re+finicky+and+pay+far+too+much+attention+to+rather+irrelevant,+trivial+matters.+This+can+make+you+unpopular,+be+more+laid-back+and+don't+take+petty+issues+so+seriously.+"

Others regard you as demanding and rather cheeky. Keep the right balance and think about your demands. Don’t take criticism of your conduct personally. Compared to your friends you’re finicky and pay far too much attention to rather irrelevant, trivial matters. This can make you unpopular, be more laid-back and don't take petty issues so seriously.

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