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string(21) "Tuesday,+September+18"

Tuesday, September 18

string(15) "Emotional+time+"

Emotional time

string(349) "You+exhibit+your+true+feelings,+and+your+openness+means+that+people+around+you+know+where+you+stand+and+react+positively,+enabling+you+to+easily+make+new+acquaintances.+You+may+well+make+a+decision+that+turns+out+to+be+useful+for+everyone+concerned.+It’s+very+important+you+keep+to+your+side+of+the+bargain,+which+fundamentally+changes+your+life.+"

You exhibit your true feelings, and your openness means that people around you know where you stand and react positively, enabling you to easily make new acquaintances. You may well make a decision that turns out to be useful for everyone concerned. It’s very important you keep to your side of the bargain, which fundamentally changes your life.

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