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string(18) "Saturday,+April+17"

Saturday, April 17

string(14) "Inner+tension+"

Inner tension

string(365) "You+feel+continually+wound+up+and+restless,+people+find+you+excitable+and+tense,+channel+this+excess+energy+into+useful+activity+instead+of+letting+yourself+be+a+victim+of+circumstance,+make+a+definite+plan+you+resolutely+follow+through+with.+If+this+difficult+focus+your+mind,+apply+yourself,+do+concentration+exercises+to+help+you+keep+and+maintain+a+clear+head.+"

You feel continually wound up and restless, people find you excitable and tense, channel this excess energy into useful activity instead of letting yourself be a victim of circumstance, make a definite plan you resolutely follow through with. If this difficult focus your mind, apply yourself, do concentration exercises to help you keep and maintain a clear head.

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