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string(19) "Thursday,+August+11"

Thursday, August 11

string(14) "Driving+force+"

Driving force

string(361) "You’re+focused+on+your+ideas+and+express+them+clearly,+others+compliment+you+on+your+ability+to+comprehend+and+evaluate+the+situation.+Let+them+share+your+enthusiasm,+involve+them+in+your+deliberations+and+remain+the+driving+force.+In+your+personal+life,+pay+attention+to+an+emerging+interest+that’s+of+growing+concern+to+you,+don’t+ignore+it+any+longer!+"

You?re focused on your ideas and express them clearly, others compliment you on your ability to comprehend and evaluate the situation. Let them share your enthusiasm, involve them in your deliberations and remain the driving force. In your personal life, pay attention to an emerging interest that?s of growing concern to you, don?t ignore it any longer!

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