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string(20) "Tuesday,+November+20"

Tuesday, November 20

string(7) "Unrest+"


string(368) "Moodier+than+usual,+it’s+easy+to+misleadingly+convince+yourself+into+blaming+others+for+the+way+you+feel.+Instead,+direct+your+energy+towards+what+is+troubling+you,+and+resolve+these+issues+without+ruining+relationships+with+the+people+involved+on+the+periphery+of+your+concerns.+Consider+your+demands+may+be+unacceptable+to+others+and+cause+an+unintended+reaction.+"

Moodier than usual, it’s easy to misleadingly convince yourself into blaming others for the way you feel. Instead, direct your energy towards what is troubling you, and resolve these issues without ruining relationships with the people involved on the periphery of your concerns. Consider your demands may be unacceptable to others and cause an unintended reaction.

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