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string(20) "Tuesday,+November+20"

Tuesday, November 20

string(15) "Irritated+mood+"

Irritated mood

string(358) "You’re+somewhat+temperamental;+it’s+the+little+things+that+upset+you+most+and+make+you+overreact.+Avoid+mixing+too+much+with+people+and+concentrate+instead+on+routine+activities+you’re+able+to+carry+out+alone.+If+you+find+that+your+partner's+conduct+gets+on+your+nerves,+avoid+talking+to+them+about+it,+unless+you+want+to+get+into+a+needless+argument.+"

You’re somewhat temperamental; it’s the little things that upset you most and make you overreact. Avoid mixing too much with people and concentrate instead on routine activities you’re able to carry out alone. If you find that your partner's conduct gets on your nerves, avoid talking to them about it, unless you want to get into a needless argument.

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