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string(19) "Wednesday,+April+17"

Wednesday, April 17

string(24) "Difficult+circumstances+"

Difficult circumstances

string(359) "Everything+is+getting+too+much,+accept+offers+of+help+and+jobs+can+be+gradually+be+broken+down+into+manageable+tasks.+Don't+let+personal+conflicts+get+you+down,+even+if+confronted+by+the+worst.+Wait+a+while;+sometimes+the+solution+arrives+due+to+changes+in+your+circumstances.+Don’t+ignore+any+physical+symptoms+you+notice,+deal+with+the+root+of+the+cause.+"

Everything is getting too much, accept offers of help and jobs can be gradually be broken down into manageable tasks. Don't let personal conflicts get you down, even if confronted by the worst. Wait a while; sometimes the solution arrives due to changes in your circumstances. Don?t ignore any physical symptoms you notice, deal with the root of the cause.

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