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string(21) "Wednesday,+January+24"

Wednesday, January 24

string(18) "Imminent+disputes+"

Imminent disputes

string(374) "You+experience+all+kinds+of+emotional+ups+and+downs+and+it’s+very+probable+because+of+this+that+you+get+into+disputes,+or+at+the+very+least,+angry+discussions.+Make+sure+you+don't+say+anything+in+these+situations+that+you+later+regret+and+find+difficult+to+take+back.+It's+better+to+let+things+run+their+course,+even+if+temporarily+at+least+it+seems+to+your+disadvantage.+"

You experience all kinds of emotional ups and downs and it’s very probable because of this that you get into disputes, or at the very least, angry discussions. Make sure you don't say anything in these situations that you later regret and find difficult to take back. It's better to let things run their course, even if temporarily at least it seems to your disadvantage.

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