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string(16) "Thursday,+May+23"

Thursday, May 23

string(13) "Stubbornness+"


string(315) "You+feel+off+balance,+and+others+don’t+appreciate+such+a+surprisingly+extreme+attitude.+Your+unusually+offhand+mood+can+hamper+progress,+so+try+to+be+more+diplomatic.+To+avoid+unwanted+strains+or+accidents,+it+is+important;+you+do+not+undertake+any+strenuous+physical+activities+without+first+thinking+carefully.+"

You feel off balance, and others don’t appreciate such a surprisingly extreme attitude. Your unusually offhand mood can hamper progress, so try to be more diplomatic. To avoid unwanted strains or accidents, it is important; you do not undertake any strenuous physical activities without first thinking carefully.

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