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string(22) "Thursday,+September+29"

Thursday, September 29

string(21) "Leaving+cares+behind+"

Leaving cares behind

string(354) "Enjoyable+experiences,+going+out+with+friends,+extended+shopping+expeditions+or+eating+and+drinking+to+excess+result+in+you+pushing+yourself+too+far+and+overdoing+things.+Remember+that+this+way+of+behaving+can+do+you+harm+in+the+long+run,+and+does+not+bring+any+benefits.+Do+things+in+moderation;+you+can+still+enjoy+life+but+don't+slip+into+bad+habits.+"

Enjoyable experiences, going out with friends, extended shopping expeditions or eating and drinking to excess result in you pushing yourself too far and overdoing things. Remember that this way of behaving can do you harm in the long run, and does not bring any benefits. Do things in moderation; you can still enjoy life but don't slip into bad habits.

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