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string(17) "Thursday,+July+19"

Thursday, July 19

string(16) "Combined+forces+"

Combined forces

string(344) "Your+motto+is+‘together+we+are+strong.'+Commitment+and+dedication+to+the+group+impress+everyone+-+you+win+new+allies+that+you+are+dependable.+You+get+a+lot+done+and+can+celebrate+your+success+together.+You’re+interested+in+everyone's+well-being,+and+your+main+purpose+is+to+incorporate+their+contributions.+Your+efforts+pay+off+in+the+end.+"

Your motto is ‘together we are strong.' Commitment and dedication to the group impress everyone - you win new allies that you are dependable. You get a lot done and can celebrate your success together. You’re interested in everyone's well-being, and your main purpose is to incorporate their contributions. Your efforts pay off in the end.

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