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string(19) "Tuesday,+January+28"

Tuesday, January 28

string(21) "Unfamiliar+Territory+"

Unfamiliar Territory

string(301) "You+can+apply+yourself+well,+be+more+adventurous,+and+adaptable,+even+develop+new+skills.+If+you+have+avoided+collaborating+with+others+before,+offer+your+support+and+share+your+expertise.+People+and+friends+who+value+your+enthusiasm,+are+keen+to+lend+a+hand,+finding+your+new-found+energy+inspiring.+"

You can apply yourself well, be more adventurous, and adaptable, even develop new skills. If you have avoided collaborating with others before, offer your support and share your expertise. People and friends who value your enthusiasm, are keen to lend a hand, finding your new-found energy inspiring.

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