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string(21) "Tuesday,+September+18"

Tuesday, September 18

string(15) "Inner+conflict+"

Inner conflict

string(371) "Suffering+from+inner+conflict+you+find+difficult+to+resolve,+you+need+to+reach+a+conclusion,+that’s+the+least+damaging+for+all+concerned.+Carefully+consider+everything,+your+sense+of+what+is+right+or+wrong+takes+priority+over+what+is+personally+helpful.+You+must+live+with+the+decision,+so+definitely+look+after+number+one+if+it’s+something+you+need+beyond+all+else.+"

Suffering from inner conflict you find difficult to resolve, you need to reach a conclusion, that’s the least damaging for all concerned. Carefully consider everything, your sense of what is right or wrong takes priority over what is personally helpful. You must live with the decision, so definitely look after number one if it’s something you need beyond all else.

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