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string(22) "Wednesday,+November+30"

Wednesday, November 30

string(11) "Interested+"


string(353) "You’re+unlikely+to+get+bored,+people+are+eager+to+engage+in+conversation,+and+you’re+as+keen+to+speak+with+them+and+do+so+in+an+open+and+frank+way.+Livelier,+more+enthusiastic+about+understanding+exactly+what's+going+on+around+you+than+normal,+you+try+to+be+as+helpful+as+you+can+with+others,+to+bring+about+results+that+are+particularly+promising.+"

You?re unlikely to get bored, people are eager to engage in conversation, and you?re as keen to speak with them and do so in an open and frank way. Livelier, more enthusiastic about understanding exactly what's going on around you than normal, you try to be as helpful as you can with others, to bring about results that are particularly promising.

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