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string(18) "Saturday,+March+25"

Saturday, March 25

string(15) "Remain+Neutral+"

Remain Neutral

string(354) "People+are+likely+to+test+your+nerves,+but+do+not+let+them.+There+are+those+who+may+be+jealous+of+you+and+want+to+make+your+life+difficult.+Instead,+try+listening+more+carefully.+Otherwise,+you’ll+encounter+more+friction+and+feel+opposed.+If+you+are+tired+of+conflicting+views,+then+do+yourself+a+power+of+good+and+enjoy+a+relaxing+evening+and+unwind.+"

People are likely to test your nerves, but do not let them. There are those who may be jealous of you and want to make your life difficult. Instead, try listening more carefully. Otherwise, you?ll encounter more friction and feel opposed. If you are tired of conflicting views, then do yourself a power of good and enjoy a relaxing evening and unwind.

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