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string(21) "Wednesday,+January+22"

Wednesday, January 22

string(19) "Negotiating+Skills+"

Negotiating Skills

string(339) "You+are+fair+and+objective+in+your+dealings+with+others+and+always+let+them+have+their+say.+As+a+result,+you+keep+the+upper+hand+during+any+disputes+and+can+maintain+the+right+approach+towards+a+successful+conclusion.+To+offset+all+your+mental+exertions,+you+need+to+get+some+physical+exercise+which+you+find+beneficial+and+works+wonders.+"

You are fair and objective in your dealings with others and always let them have their say. As a result, you keep the upper hand during any disputes and can maintain the right approach towards a successful conclusion. To offset all your mental exertions, you need to get some physical exercise which you find beneficial and works wonders.

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