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string(19) "Wednesday,+March+20"

Wednesday, March 20

string(15) "Reconciliation+"


string(348) "Openness+and+friendliness+abound,+you+can+talk+about+your+problems+and+emotional+state+without+hurting+others.+Following+your+instincts,+let+go+of+any+feeling+you+have+of+self-importance+and+experience+an+unrecognizable+sense+of+harmony+and+peace.+If+there’ve+been+misunderstandings+or+an+argument,+now+is+an+appropriate+time+to+resolve+matters.+"

Openness and friendliness abound, you can talk about your problems and emotional state without hurting others. Following your instincts, let go of any feeling you have of self-importance and experience an unrecognizable sense of harmony and peace. If there’ve been misunderstandings or an argument, now is an appropriate time to resolve matters.

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