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string(18) "Saturday,+April+17"

Saturday, April 17

string(14) "Understanding+"


string(316) "People+admire+your+conversational+skills,+and+you+can+introduce+some+of+your+friends+to+each+other.+You+have+a+keen+sense+of+knowing+when+people+fit+well+together.+Others+appreciate+your+resourcefulness,+and+you+may+well+receive+an+unexpected+reward+when+a+casual+encounter+of+your+own+develops+into+something+more.+"

People admire your conversational skills, and you can introduce some of your friends to each other. You have a keen sense of knowing when people fit well together. Others appreciate your resourcefulness, and you may well receive an unexpected reward when a casual encounter of your own develops into something more.

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