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string(22) "Wednesday,+November+30"

Wednesday, November 30

string(19) "Mental+stimulation+"

Mental stimulation

string(366) "Stimulated+by+the+people+you+interact+with,+your+thinking+processes+are+alert+and+responsive,+be+certain+that+others+fully+understand+your+intentions+and+make+your+position+perfectly+clear,+so+there+is+no+confusion+whatsoever.+There’s+nothing+to+be+fearful+of+in+using+such+a+forthright,+honest+approach+that+eventually+gets+you+the+amount+of+respect+you+deserve.+"

Stimulated by the people you interact with, your thinking processes are alert and responsive, be certain that others fully understand your intentions and make your position perfectly clear, so there is no confusion whatsoever. There?s nothing to be fearful of in using such a forthright, honest approach that eventually gets you the amount of respect you deserve.

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