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string(19) "Wednesday,+April+17"

Wednesday, April 17

string(19) "Destructive+energy+"

Destructive energy

string(374) "A+rather+unhelpful+attitude+is+difficult+for+you+to+keep+in+check,+don’t+lose+complete+control+or+let+the+situation+escalate+into+an+aggressive+confrontation,+it’s+likely+what+you+encounter+is+considerably+more+powerful+than+you!+Maintain+calm+and+avoid+conflicts+until+you’re+in+more+control+of+your+emotions,+as+any+serious+disagreements+are+difficult+to+put+right.+"

A rather unhelpful attitude is difficult for you to keep in check, don?t lose complete control or let the situation escalate into an aggressive confrontation, it?s likely what you encounter is considerably more powerful than you! Maintain calm and avoid conflicts until you?re in more control of your emotions, as any serious disagreements are difficult to put right.

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