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string(14) "Friday,+July+1"

Friday, July 1

string(20) "Alertness+and+drive+"

Alertness and drive

string(374) "Alert+to+all+possibilities,+no-one+gets+the+better+of+you,+instead+they+appreciate+your+quick-wittedness+and+want+to+exchange+ideas.+The+suggestions+you+come+up+with+and+the+competence+you’re+able+to+demonstrate+assists+them+in+dealing+with+any+difficulties+they+face.+Your+drive+is+what+counts+now,+so+with+no+excuse,+you+direct+your+energy+into+recreational+activities.+"

Alert to all possibilities, no-one gets the better of you, instead they appreciate your quick-wittedness and want to exchange ideas. The suggestions you come up with and the competence you?re able to demonstrate assists them in dealing with any difficulties they face. Your drive is what counts now, so with no excuse, you direct your energy into recreational activities.

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