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string(20) "Thursday,+December+7"

Thursday, December 7

string(11) "Encounters+"


string(352) "Promising+conditions+win+through+in+your+existing+relationships.+You+find+your+interactions+with+those+close+to+you+inspire+and+enrich+your+understanding.+Nevertheless,+don't+think+purely+about+the+benefits+these+connections+bring+you+but+endeavour+to+interact+on+an+emotional+level+as+well.+Otherwise,+any+usefulness+or+agreement+is+only+short-lived.+"

Promising conditions win through in your existing relationships. You find your interactions with those close to you inspire and enrich your understanding. Nevertheless, don't think purely about the benefits these connections bring you but endeavour to interact on an emotional level as well. Otherwise, any usefulness or agreement is only short-lived.

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